Gamespot: You Read Why We Gave Ratchet and Clank A 7.5, Now Watch The Review

Here is Gamespot's video review of how Insomniac's next great addition to the Ratchet and Clank series, received a lowly score of 7.5 from Gamespot.

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Antan4876d ago

Hehe, how nervous does the reviewer look?

techie4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Greedy theiving Gamespot...hits is all they want. Nothing he says sounds like it's a bad thing...I expect he used to dribbling a basketball accross a court in a game, or shooting a rifle again and again. This is kids game that appeals to adults because of it's varied gameplay...and having so many different mechanics and minigames is what gives it it's charm.

IF RAC Tools didn't have all these different mechanics and minigames, I guarentee that Gamespot would have given it 9.5...but every other site would have given the game 7.5 - They have everything the wrong way round.

icdedppl4876d ago

i know right!

and gamespot, leave the video reviews to gametrailers and ign. they know NOT to put ugly people in front of the camera and let the game footage do the talking.

Kleptic4876d ago

exactly...he comments on the game, and shares the exact same "issues" with other reviewers...the difference is that this guy slaps a 7.5 on it, where others feel the 2 hits the framerate takes during the game...enough to keep it just under perfect...

and whats with the "identity crisis"...what does that even mean?...that it doesn't look like a Ratchet and Clank game...

can't wait for the review of Uncharted...hopefully this guy gets to do it..."it simply looks and plays way too well...I like I give it a 5.0"

TheReaperOfHearts4876d ago

looks like he has some issues mommy didnt give him a hug or milk maybe ^^ haha XD

Proxy4876d ago

I was thinking the same thing. "This looks like a IGN video review."

The only difference being that IGN would close by saying "Although, not perfect, it's preaty close, and earns R&C a 9.4 out of 10."

GameSpot ends with "Although not perfect, it's a preaty good game, and on a consol that's in desperate need of good game."

That's the difference.

unlimited4876d ago

This dude is fat ugly and bald..he gave a lot of compliment to the games but give it is losing all its subscribers they need more smarter professional people reviewing games..

SinnerMark4876d ago

What a total BS. If it was too easy adjust the difficulty; if the story's ending was such a cliffhanger why did Halo2 got such a high score, you'd think if it affected R&C's score to such a low score, does Halo2 as God Of war2 deserve an 8 or hell a 7.5. And the graphics wasn't about the lighting, the graphics is good as most Ps3 games because of the coloring,textures,and design;lightng has very little to do with it unlike most 360 graphics; Bioshock a 9,eventhough its graphics on the characters was crappy. And if twelve hours of gameplay was short, I finished bioshock and other great games in about the same time. Again the game is great and doesnt deserve a 7.5. Gamespot just want attention, they did it with Nintendo fans by giving Zelda TP an 8.5 when everyone else thougth it was perfect.

marcdz14876d ago

Why would anyone let this fat s.o.b. rate anything is beyond me. But it seems like he scored it lower only because his damn brain was processing as slow as the 360 and obviously could not keep up with cell processing. LOL anyways why would you rate the game so low because there's too many fun minigames in it. WTF who ever heard of that CRAP!!! EVERYONE TOO FUN IS BAD IN A GAME>.

SlappyMcTaint4876d ago

Fvck fat people!! Seriously. All they do is b!tch about stuff. This guy, after probably running out of donuts, actually complains about having too much to do in a game! Well fvck you, fatty. Go eat with Gabe Newell, and be happy fat fvcks together, instead of b!tching about PS3 stuff.

If this were the first xbox version of the game, they'd all be ejaculating all over it. I'll bet $100,000.00 on that!! Haters!!

popup4876d ago

After his last Album scored a below average 7.5, Kyle quit the band and decided to go all out to destroy the very foundation that ruined him - journalism.

Makroyale4876d ago

Email the editorial team...

I emailed Jeff...

aliveinboston4876d ago

Poor fool must have lost the rock paper scissors to become the scapegoat for the idiotic review. This kind of thing happens now and again.

Gamespot gave GT4 getting an 8 for gameplay while Forza got a 10 because apparently cheap unrealistic damage (even a Forza dev admitted that GT4 could easily have had it), painting and stickers is more important to a Sim than accurate track and car modeling and physics. Granted Forza had slightly better AI (I say slightly better because if you stop in the middle of the road the opponents would often simply run into you) but a sim is about accurate physics, cars and tracks. Forza's physics were so unrealistic that they made their version of Nurburgring (the most important track) 30% longer than in real life to compensate and keep track times from being way too short! GT4's Nurburgring was a nearly perfect recreation of the real track!

Anyway, the real question that not just gamespot, but most reviewers need to answer is this:

Give the consumers 3 reasons why Halo3 deserves as good a review score or better than R&C:TOD.

That 7.5 thing is just hilarious.

Killfooler4876d ago

I sent Jeff this email:


I’m sure you’re being inundated with emails filled with outrage over what looks like an irresponsible review of one of the more worthwhile games this season, namely Ratchet and Clank. While a high percentage of people disagree with what looks like an apparent ill-willed review toward this Playstation 3 title, it wouldn’t be half as bad if the final score were even remotely parallel to the praises you give the game. In both the video and written review, you note that almost every aspect of the game is fun and complain that there is too much to be experienced (as though a plethora of fun game mechanics is a bad thing). Making assertions like, “Ratchet doesn’t know what kind of game it’s trying to be” makes little sense in an industry that rallies against inside-the-box thinking. Why do you feel the game has to “be defined” outside of itself? While I realize that controversy gains interest and traffic, what it won’t do is bring in new subscribers. It affect the credibility of a site that I have traversed for over 10 years. I’ve been right with Gamespot through years of controversy and criticism, but this time it really *IS* hard to defend such an off-the-wall score for a game that is praised unanimously by industry and praised in your own review. You truly leave no other option than for gamers to suspect that you are indeed a biased site and the respect that you’ve garnished throughout the years is deteriorating quickly. I am a gamer, pure and simple… and for those that you respect (customers especially), explaining a 7.5 would be nice given that it doesn’t represent any of the “pros” or “cons” that you listed in your review. Gamers want consistency more than anything else, so please…. With cherries on top, help your customers make sense of what appears to be blatant fanboyism by on of the most respected gaming journalists on the planet.

Bubble Buddy4876d ago

"too easy"? so i guess deadlocked was so hard right guys? all i had to do there was strafe and shoot =P. but good game though. yet gamespot rates deadlocked higher than ToD. smart.

P.S his buck teeth and his stare is creepy

gamesR4fun4876d ago

Sorry man but who cares what this guy says like the story being so bad well news flash its r/c we dont expect a lot of dept has for the cliffhanger ending lets say its pretty much tradmark on the series. So whats left too easy wtf try to beat the game using only your wrench....
Then try it again on hard mode if you make it the first time then tell me the games too easy.
Nothing he said justifies his biased review Gamespot needs to clean the xbots at least off the ps3 reviews.

marinelife94876d ago

Great email to Jeff. Mine was a little less elegant.

xhi44876d ago

Okay, usually I don't get angry over reviews, but 7.5 when this game got 3 perfect scores. Okay what the hell.

The flaws:

He states that the main reason why this game is not that great is because it has "too much spice"......."too much variety".....other games with "too much variety" usually get praised for this saught of thing WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, 10-12 hour game? ITS A 14-16 HOUR GAME INSOMNIAC HAVE STATED THAT!


Then he ends with the most fanboyist biased conclusion ever........"it's a good game for a system that badly needs it"...................... ....oh come on nothing sus here boys.

WTF!!!!!!!!!! I've emailed Jeff and he hasn't replied and I am extremely angry! I used to think gamespot was alright, I knew they gave lower scores than other sights, but i mean WHAT THE HELL!

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Bigmac5734876d ago

This will not end well.

Violater4876d ago

that feels that this dude consistently contradicts himself?

jackfatal4876d ago

u r not wrong!

sometimes he says its the best ever and some times he says the opposite!
he complains about:1) too much game play 2)the story is bad 3)bad ending!
the first shouldnt be a complain and the second is his idiot way of thinking of what is a good story!! and yes if we take his words they still should have gave it above at least 9!!
we all know that they gave higher scores for games that lacks many things!! e.g halo 3 lack frame rate, campaign length,bad ending, almost nothing new from halo 2!! yet they gave it 9.5!!

squallsoft4876d ago a transcript, i dont have sound at work. i want know what this tool has to say...

cloud360-7th_account4876d ago

" A really good game on a system that needs just thats"

So why not give it a high score . You gave it a 7.5.

A systems that needs awesome games and then he gives it a 7.5

Shankle4876d ago

He's reading out the written review.

ownallconsoles4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

He gave the game compliments through out the entire review. So why did it get a 7.5? I hate gamespot even more, and the fact that this guy is executive editor.

It's a conspiracy, especially the other site that gave Ratchet and clank a 7.5 for lacking multiplayer yet gave Bioshock a 10. ??? WTF?

EZCheez4876d ago

If i'm playing a game that last about twelve hours, I would expect variety, not shun it.

Violater4876d ago

he would rather u just run and shoot the same things over and over for 12 hours.
That dude is officially a biased douche who came up with a score long before he played the game.
Too much variety???
come the hell on!!!!