Thought You Were Getting Black Ops Mod Tools? Think Again

Mod tools for Treyarch's latest entry to the Call of Duty series gets postponed.

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fluffydelusions3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Somewhat misleading. They are coming just postponed. Honestly I don't care either way but I'm interested to see what the community can come up with.

harrypmgaga3764d ago

Um...that's mentioned in the article. But to be honest we don't even know if it's postponed or plain not coming at this point.

tdrules3764d ago

do they not realise mod tools are pointless the closer they release them to MW3.
oh wait, of course they do...

theonlylolking3764d ago

Not for PC gamers. Peeps on the PC can mod the game to be like MW3.

Redempteur3764d ago

pc gamers ? activision doesn't care about you more than the others ...unless you have money to buy the next game

tdrules3764d ago

meh, the cod modding community isn't that hot.
what came out of COD4 mod tools.
it's not like Starcraft II where people have created maps that are good enough to replace Blizzard ones, no one created any good maps for COD4.
The one good mod from COD4 was the Star Wars one, which I admit was awesome, but still it was the only good one.

Ducky3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

^ It doesn't have to be maps. In fact, I don't think Radiant is included in these mod tools.

CoD4 had Obscurity, zombies, gungame... not to mention Pro-mod.
These are about the only ones I played. (There was another one but I forgot it's name, it seemed russian and had lots of new weapons/maps, but was buggy as well)

MW2 had the pirates and modders join forces and create dedicated servers for MW2, along with recreating BlackOps' wager modes.
It even had the killstreak-kills-do-not-count- towards-next-killstreak option for some time.

harrypmgaga3764d ago

Yeah, as it says in the article, Radiant may/may not be coming in the mod tools package. There was some controversy in the modding community regarding this.

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gedapeleda3764d ago

Acti is afraid people will start creating modern warfare threes

bumnut3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I stopped playing cod after world at war, lowering the player count killed the series for me.