UK PS3 sales to top 1m over Xmas

Ray Maguire, MD of Sony Computer Entertainment, believes that the launch of a new, cheaper edition PlayStation 3 will help push sales of the console in the UK "well through the million mark".

In an interview published in the latest Edge magazine, Maguire states: "by the time [Edge] goes to press we'll be at around about 500,000 PS3 sales in the UK, and through Christmas we'll take that well through the million mark".

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P4KY B4876d ago

what a cheeky ba$tard.

People in glass houses.

HarryEtTubMan4876d ago

PS3 is going to do really god it just needs time and games... I'm getting mine so soon now I can't wait!

shmee4876d ago

EUROPE is the stronghold of SONY. After the price cut sales have increased 2/3 fold.

I predict ps3 to reach 3m SOLD by the end of this year in EUROPE

malingenie4876d ago

Here's to hoping, I believe Sony has had a rough year and a lot of haters. I'll never understand why.

AdolfBinBush4876d ago

yes, lots of ps3 haters to be precise..

PimpHandHappy4876d ago

what else would a Sony rep say

I do think it will do well over the holidays thou

kss4876d ago

my feelings exactly bro

DiLeCtioN4876d ago

loads of PS3 flying off shelves everytime i walk in a game shop somebody purchases a PS3, sometimes the 360 but mostly PS3 now.

Proxy4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

When I bought R&C there were 5 people waiting for the same game. I've never seen such a thing. Especially in our little gamestop that is nothing more than a small room in the local mall. (This wasn't a before opening line up, this was during the middle of the day.)

sak5004876d ago

Yep saw couple of flying pigs carrying ps3 out of our local vigrin store.

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The story is too old to be commented.