Q&A: Joe Halper on Frontlines: Fuel of War

There's no shortage of war-themed games out there, so what separates them? What makes one a critically acclaimed, financial success, and another given the cold shoulder? After four years of development and involvement with the research and creation of key titles in the genre, Kaos Studios is in a good position to know what works and what doesn't. Gamespot caught up with senior producer Joe Halper to discuss the challenges of Unreal Engine development, online leaderboards, and gameplay balancing in their resource-themed shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War.

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Elite-uk4875d ago

For this to come out on PS3......Looks Ace!.

D3acon4875d ago

don't get your hopes up, I've been following this since the ps3 launch and in the community it seems they're more focused on the pc and 360. He even says that in the interview. He han't even said anything new that hasn't been said on their website.

The puzzling thing is that he states that all versions of the game will be released at the same time, but it an article a couple days ago it states the ps3 will be delayed.

Don't get your hopes up though, they are just going to port and you know how ports go on the ps3. Its either built from the ground up or its crap.

I guess you have to be more structured and deliberate on what you need to do when programing for the ps3. They claim its no problem getting the 32+ players on the ps3 but the ps3 doesn't have enough memory. (That old addage) 256 on one end 256 on the other and when needed one side can siphon the needed mb as needed. 1st party developers aren't having that problem, and most 3rd party. This is looking like a pass each time I hear new infor about the game.