Call of Duty Elite Reactions

Activision finally announced its pay program after a night where the embargo was shattered and misinformation about what it will charge us for.

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Shackdaddy8362750d ago

IMO people are really overreacting. I just think it's a dumb idea.

iamnsuperman2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Same. People are like how can Activison do this they must be punished but they are forgetting you do not have to buy it. The thing looks cool and helpful for serious COD gamers who might not mind putting some money down for it. I personally will not get it but I cam some people buying it. All it is is paying for an exclusive community

Dart892750d ago

You're misunderstanding why people are mad over this if this thing take's off and people buy into it and other devs see what kind of money they are making they are going to try and implement this money grabbing scheme onto their game's.Would you rather every dev do this or keep it like it is now??

Agent-862750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Yes, there is overreaction since it is only an optional subscription plan, but this may only be the start of something bigger. Their goal is to get around 1 million subscribers this go around. By next year's COD, they'll try to get it 3 million or more. By the year after that, it'll probably be mandatory to play online. Michael Pachter is often wrong, but I think his prediction is right on this one. It will be gradual, something optional at first (advertised as an optional enhancement). But, eventually, it will be required. My fear is that the industry will then follow their lead.

Shackdaddy8362750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

As long as it doesn't affect the game then I really don't care if stupid people buy stupid things. When it starts affecting things then I will overreact.

It probably wont take off either just because it doesn't offer anything. It only caters to a small fraction of the population who obsess about stats to the point where they pay for it.

Bereaver2750d ago

People who don't fight or get angry about this forget simple math. 1+1=2

One company starts it, another one tries it as well, and then you have two. Greed runs the money world and it won't stop until people make it stop.

Right now it might seem fine, but in the end, you'll get bit. More and more features will fall under the "plan".

somerandomdude2750d ago

I wiki'd infinity Ward.

Activision really raped and pillaged them right before they raped and pillaged this game.

MaxXAttaxX2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

let alone charge for them.

Most of these were implemented already in other games.
I don't get the fans. Activision doesn't do anything new and the only "new" features they include are optional and you have to pay for them.

They're also claiming Elite will separate most players from the cheaters, so whomever refuses to use Elite will get stuck with cheaters. And then guess what, the fan will feel forced to use Elite to avoid cheaters or quit the game all together(let's hope for the latter one). It's a vicious cycle because people keep falling for this.

If Elite succeeds, this will pave the way for other companies to do the same by leaving features out and charging for them.

iamnsuperman2749d ago

I am not sure why everyone is saying other companies will do it....SO do not buy it. They are charging for an extra service that wasn't there before. I would understand the outrage if they charged for the original service but the fact is they are not. They are charging for the added bit. Activison are not the only company that do this. Spotify, Skype, some mail services, PSN. They all give the basic free and charge for extra content and this is what Activision is doing. I do not see what is wrong with charging for the extra content and services. Do we complain about the other companies that do it. No and it is because it is now cool to hate on COD and Activision but what they are doing nothing wrong here and are not the first company to do this.

SilentNegotiator2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

"IMO people are really overreacting"

They're taking free social features and charging for them.
Should I be happy?
Just not buy it and blissfully ignore it as it becomes a norm?

Heck no.

Stop telling me what not to be upset about. The most successful series in gaming is testing the waters to give us less for more money. I'm angry.

P2P Online play, unlock key DLC, special editions for $20 more for a doll.....gamers should ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY be putting up a stink. But they don't. They just take it. They ask for more, even. If Call of Duty is doing this, it's as good as standard to a large portion of games in a few years.

"THE BOTTOM LINE IS... if you dont like it, dont buy it, and if your not buying mw3 dont comment on it..."
If we lived life that way, we would live in one messed up world. See a problem that doesn't necessarily directly affect you and completely ignore it? That's just plain dumb. I see a major problem in the gaming industry; I'm calling it out.

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IGAMEHARD2750d ago

THE BOTTOM LINE IS... if you dont like it, dont buy it, and if your not buying mw3 dont comment on it... or are all you all just mad that youre gonna end up buying it anyways because you have nothing better to do?

Legion2750d ago

So if we agree with the concept then we can go ahead and voice our opinion on it, yet if we disagree with the concept then we shouldn't be able to voice our concerns??

Keep gaming hard because your social skills are lacking.

Some of us are concerned with the potential for abuse that this type of service can lead to. No different then those who complained about DLCs and that they were only taking away functions that are already on the disc and making us pay for our access to it later. Nobody thought that was a big deal either. And now we are living with it.

TabLock2749d ago

agreed, every1 shooting it down before they even know what it is... cry babies

Kurt Russell2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I think Legion sums it up about right. You give an inch they take a yard. If you let these "elite" services come into play for one game then others will follow in. I think it's enough that we have to pay extra to get a complete game nowadays (ala Alan Wake)... or to simply unlock something that was already on the disk in the 1st place.

This service should be free if they really want to innovate their game and get a larger playerbase... but it's not, because their only concern is what you have in your wallet. It's dirty greedy tactics thought up by a bunch of money hungry goblins and it fucks me off.

AtomicGerbil2749d ago

If nobody is permitted to voice their disagreement with this service, then what kind of message is that sending to Activision? We'll bend over and take it, that's what.

If all you see is love hearts when you think about CoD and it's Scrooge McDuck publisher then that's your problem, and all I see is milked cash cow then that's my problem, that's the way the world turns, but we are all entitled to voice that opinion.

What I don't get is that many devs and publishers offer this kind of service for free for games that don't sell anywhere near what CoD does, so why when they earn billions every year Activision have to charge for it? Activision don't run dedicated servers for most of their user base, which saves money. They don't build new or significantly improve the game engine, which saves money. They issue a higher than average RRP. They charge more for map packs even when they include recycled maps. They don't address faults, glitches, exploits or server issues in good time if at all.

This is why I have a problem with the whole CoD franchise, which is a shame because I used to love it.

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Vherostar2749d ago

Stats and youtube video uploads for £7.99 a month?? Oh Dear... These are ideas that PS3 exclusives have had a while now (youtube uploads anyway) just nobody ever bothered using. Now there using and charging for it.

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BitbyDeath2750d ago

This should be stopped before it gets started, i'd hate for it to catch onto other games.

Sanii2750d ago

Yea I know right. Micro-transactions are bad enough as it is. We are forced to pay for content already on the disk. Also, the online pass thing is a pain too. Hopefully this will fail so it is the only time we will see this.

Simon_Brezhnev2750d ago

The same people who said they wasnt going to buy black ops last year and still bought it will buy this.

Ser2750d ago

What about the people that said they weren't going to buy Black Ops and still didn't?

Because I fall into that category.

MysticStrummer2750d ago

Buying World at War was my final gift to Activision. Draw the line, people. Draw the line.

04soldier2750d ago

Me too.. I haven't let a COD infest my ps3 since mw2 and plan to keep it that way.

And Im hoping that my console brethren wont fall for this quick and easy money scheme. I know this would never be tried on PC community first.

RyuCloudStrife2750d ago

why is there always a white hand or face lol jk

im bored

2750d ago
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