Eurogamer: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review 8/10

In many ways, PES 2008 is very similar to its predecessor, yet in others, wholly different. This year's version provides a far more robust rendition of football, exuding the type of muscularity associated with the modern game and injecting it with an arcade vein that sees gamers pulling off the kind of mesmerising runs that have been AWOL for the past few versions.

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Wotbot4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

the 360 version and it play's so good. Only having played 6 games I would give it a 9 out of 10 at this stage.

I have yet to notice any slowdown while playing. But the replays for some reason run at a fast pace and miss frames of animation. But that all goes when you control the reply which is good but still a bit weird.

The graphic's are as they have always been, not as good as Fifa but still acceptable.

This PES update is the true sequel to PES 4, which was my favorite update.

Let the season now begin.