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GameDynamo - "Unlike DiRT 2 where the player began the game as a novice, DiRT 3 starts players off as a world-class professional driver."

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BlackKnight3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

"Vehicle control, movement, and damage are all representative but combine to make the game too hard for beginners."

Too hard for beginners? He literally states in his article, conflictingly:

"While players unfamiliar with off-road racing can adjust vehicle assists such as automatic braking or graphics showing the optimal vehicle travel path, this removes any challenge whatsoever. Turning off the assists makes the game ridiculously difficult for the uninitiated."

So maybe keep the racing line on and turn off ABS? Then turn off the racing line?

I wonder what happens if he plays Forza or GT5, those are more brutal with all assists off and trying to nail a turn...


And the multiplayer modes of "zombies" (outbreak) and capture the flag (transporter) and the invasion mode were very innovative and VERY fun. My friend who plays Halo like crazy actually had a shit ton of fun playing these modes in the HARDCORE playlist online (no HUD, no ASSISTS).

The review is hardly representative of the game.

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