Official Nintendo Sales Revealed

Nintendo has released official sales numbers for their hardware platforms in their recent earnings filing.

Of note, worldwide sales are as follows:

Wii 13.17M
DS 53.64M

See attached image for page of interest.
Information is on page 20/20 in the filing.

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shmee4875d ago

u can see that Wii is around 13.2 B .
ps3 around 5.6B

Now what to make of VGCHARTS?

bym051d4875d ago

Actually, is pretty close.

Wii 12.73M
DS 52.23M

ARBitrator4875d ago


I don't think any of them had a capital "B" in their figures.

bym051d4875d ago

Something else interesting:

There are 53M DSes out there with 250M pieces of software sold for an average software to console ratio of 5:1.

There are 13M Wii out there with 65M pieces of software sold for an average software to console ratio of 5:1.

Lots of Wii software may be shovelware crap, but people are buying it, in the same ratios of DS software.

Personally, I have 10+ DS games, but only 3 Wii games. Do these figures include Wii Sports pack-ins?

bym051d4875d ago

To reply to myself, the notes at the bottom read:

2 Actual sales units of software include quantity bundled with hardware.

So, part of the Wii number does include Wii sports. Hopefully, the DS numbers don't include pictochat. :)

ItsDubC4875d ago

Keep in mind that Wii Sports is not bundled with the Wii in Japan.

Kholinar4875d ago

Also keep in mind that a lot of online sales were large bundles... for a while it seemed like that was the only way to get a wii, since a lot of stores' online shops refused to sell them any other way (Walmart, Target, etc.)...

PS360WII4875d ago

13 million. Very nice indeed with 5 games per system alright alright.

It wasn't to long ago when DS cross the 50 million marker and the already have 3 more million added in. Whew that thing sells like crack!

IdleLeeSiuLung4875d ago

I thought the software attach rate for the wii was around 4.x and PS3 about 3.x. The 360 should have the higest being around 5-6.x

bym051d4875d ago

I guess that's why it's good to see the actual numbers sometimes instead of the estimates.

Maybe we'll see Sony and MS's numbers in the near future.

ITR4875d ago

Target lists the Wii Attach rate at 4.0-4.5 on avg.

Almighty4875d ago

So basically Nintendo is the most powerful Japanese company now. Kudos for them.

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