Ten Unlikely Heroes That Would Make Fun Video Games

GameDynamo - "With Thor, Captain America, and the Green Lantern all turning out their own blockbuster movies and video game tie-ins, we decided to make our own Justice League of heroes that deserve a video game in their name. "

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Saryk3769d ago

Sam & Dean Winchester has my vote. I watch this show religiously and I got to admit, Supernaturals would be a very good MMO or game! I am hoping that the Secret World will be Supernaturals type game............

Pintheshadows3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

A survival horror game with rocksalt shotguns and all of their equipment. Random missions you can take to hunt and you have to know what weapon to use against each monster. The there is the research side where you have to figure out where the body is buried by interviewing people whilst impersonating the FBI etc.

Kind of LA Noire meets RE4 sort of vibe.

Ser3769d ago

Venom and Lobo - YES PLEASE.

JsonHenry3769d ago

Lobo would be fucking awesome!

JsonHenry3769d ago

Danger Mouse. Nuff said.

And Slapstick from Marvel Comics.

thebudgetgamer3769d ago

damn i used to love that show, and bannana man.

bronxsta3769d ago

venom and flash would be awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.