Q&A: The State Of Nintendo In 2007

As Nintendo re-organizes its North American division, setting up new marketing offices in Redwood City, and riding the success of the Wii and DS, where do they go from here?

With Nintendo's consoles still leading hardware sales in most major territories, Gamasutra quizzed Nintendo's in-house Public Relations manager, Eric Walter, on the state of Nintendo in an interview conducted at the recent E For All event in Los Angeles.

Topics discussed in this in-depth discussion span new hires (including Konami's Mark Franklin), the Wii Zapper, the state of M-rated games on Nintendo platforms, and how WiiWare is progressing, among many others...

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purin4877d ago

that 16.5 million projection is really enticing to investors & fans

PS360WII4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

"Another WiiWare question -- considering the Wii has a rather small flash drive, how many titles will it be able to hold? For example, even though Crystal Chronicles on WiiWare is not going to be large, it might be difficult to have even ten games of that volume.

A lot of the games for WiiWare that have been submitted so far are smaller in size, so they're not gonna take up a ton of your drive. But the way that we look at it is, we really don't want people storing every single game they buy on their drive. When you buy a game, it's yours forever, so you can delete it, and go back and get it at any time you want. In a way, we liken it to putting music on your iPod; you listen to it for a while, and then you get tired of it, and you pull it off, and you put some new stuff on."

I hate that answer. You can just delete it. No I don't want to I want the games I buy to still be there when I buy more games. I have an iPod with 80gigs so I don't need to get rid of something when I get new music. Grrrr

ItsDubC4877d ago

Agreed, once I buy a game, I don't want to have to wait to download it again whenever I decide to play it. Hopefully Mr. Walters is just hiding that fact that more storage options will exist but if not, I will be very angry.