Would Games Be Very Different if the Main Audience Were Women?

GameDynamo - "The first Grand Theft Auto had the option of selecting a woman as the main character, but it was an empty avatar with no personality, so she was only mechanically interchangeable with the male characters. What if a new GTA starred a female protagonist with a fully fleshed out personality and backstory? I think a lot of gamers would be on board with that idea."

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Soldierone3764d ago

The thing is a lot of women simply just don't like video games. Remember back in the day we had women based games like Barbie games and what not. There were many developers targeting that crowd and nothing really ever came of it.

I'm not saying ALL women don't like video games, but your stereotypical ones will play casual phone based titles at best.

I know many women that enjoy treasure movies, crime shows, etc...I tell them this is the game, you can play those stories, and they just have absolutely no interest in sitting there playing a game. They don't see the point or find enjoyment out of it.

DanSolo3764d ago

In fairness mate there are alot of girl gamers out there and they tend to like the same games we do.
I know plenty of girls who like FPS, Driving games and beat em ups.

The barbie type games don't sell as they are crap and the girls that like games consider them to be as shit as we would.

There are not as many girl gamers though so for a game like GTA it would not make sense for a girl to be the main protagonist.... but maybe an option for both.

There are plenty of women characters though in games... Lara Croft being the obvious big one, Jill Valentine being another, Bayonetta, ect, So for the differences in demographics that game I think it is generally quite even.

pepsilover_20073764d ago

also samus was a huge one especially for the time frame when the original metroid came out

Army_of_Darkness3764d ago

I could only take so much yahoo games..... From what i can tell you guys, woman are not interested in games(on consoles specifically) because there are to many buttons on the controller these days lol! They tell me that they liked gaming when it was a simple 2 button nes controller.

sarabbc3764d ago

@army of darkness

I have a handful of girl friends who love consoles and are amazing gamers, I think it just depends on which girls you ask.

Shadowstar3764d ago

Would you want to play games based on nothing but GI Joe? That's fine for kids, but you can't expect to get anything but eight year olds with Barbie games. What's targeted at girls and women tend to be what men think we like, which is, often enough, generalized to "girls like pink things and shopping, right?"

jony_dols3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Most women have at one point or another lived with family members, flat mates and/or boyfriends who have owned gaming consoles. And most of them still hate the sight of videogames.

It just doesn't seem to have the same appeal to most women, as it does have on guys. Maybe because they associate it with the lazy slackers & geeks...

Soldierone3764d ago

Note the Barbie game was simply just an example of games targeting women. Im not saying thats all the industry has to offer.Im saying the entire industry wasn't shooters and action games.

Like I also noted, this isn't ALL women, I know there are girl gamers that enjoy the same games. I have plenty of girl gamer friends that enjoy COD, Mortal Kombat, etc...

Noticed I said stereotypical girl lol

femshep3764d ago

i play games like any other person here

rpg fps i love em all

lot of my friends (who are girls) play with me as well

sarabbc3764d ago

rpgs are my favorite too, but i didn't like final fantasy 6 or 13. I don't care if the main character is female or not. I only care if the game is good.

soundslike3764d ago

I think the only real determining factor with lots of gamers, both sexes, is what age they tried it out.

all the gamers I know, especially lady ones, started young. Thats changing now, though, it seems.

theonlylolking3764d ago

The women that do like video games(as much as men) usually like the same games. So I do not think there would be that much of a difference.

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Hyperbomb693764d ago

Image speaks for itself...

DanSolo3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Grand Theft Shopping???

An exciting tale of a woman who goes out every day to buy new shoes and likes to pull a Winona Ryder to get the shiny black pumps with the cute little strap as they are sooooooooo gorgeous and she just HAD to have them as they would match her handbag!

I could see plenty of extra stuff to do in it as well....

1) You could get your hair and nails done.
2) Spend 30 minutes trying to park your car in a parking space as you are not sure if you are in all the way.
3) Spend ages talking on the phone about that bitch at work who has the same dress as you.
4) Nag at men for various unnecessary reasons.
5) Repeatedly make disparaging remarks about men while also complaining about men not respecting women.... and completely NOT seeing the irony in doing that!

Man that game would be bad-ass!

EDIT: And just to clarify.... I know plenty of girl gamers and they like the same games as the rest of us do. Most of them would rather play a FPS or Beat em up over Hello Kitty Island Adventure or some shit like that!

Prototype3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

(Side missions)

6) Send your boyfriend/husband out to get tampons then bitch when they are the wrong brand
7) Midol can also be used to heal yourself
8) When on PMS (Permissible Man Slaughter) your attack/defense increases drastically
9 )Wear revealing clothing then yell Sexual Harassment when that one guy you don't like stares at you; the one guy you do like that doesn't look must be labeled "gay"
10) Crying for some unknown random reason is a boost in EXP

And it's paid DLC for whatever she feels like charging that day....

Goomb3764d ago

Time to make a move and start targeting women so they consume real video games too, not just casual ones! I know of a few who play anything from Ninja Gaiden and God of War to Plants vs. Zombies and Mario Kart or SoulCalibur, so there's definitely interest out there. It's just our culture insists on targeting men and acting as if only men are going to like it. If only they took the time to change things around, tailor certain things towards a more neutral audience, and so on, maybe women wouldn't feel so neglected in this industry!

OC_MurphysLaw3764d ago

@Goomb certainly there is a sector of women who will enjoy any tradditionally hardcore games like the ones you mentioned. But the reality is that audience is fairly small and niche. The casual games as you called them get played by women at a hardcore level because they do appeal to them and what they are looking for in a game.

Maybe we need as an industry to stop trying to figure out a magic bullet for getting women to buy "our" hardcore games and instead develop games that play to their wants. Stop trying to make the square peg fit in the round hole and just grab a round peg already.

My wife games far more than I do... she is addicted to words with friends and plays (pays for) and plays that regularly. She has no desire to play the games I do... and yet I would not consider her a "casual" gamer...she is hardcore and dedicated.

Hardcore gaming is a fictitious term (imo) we as gamers created in many ways to try and seperate us from younger audiences of gamers. To me, hardcore means you play alot and dedicate more than just 2 or 3 hours a week to game. No matter what the game.

Goomb3764d ago

I was talking about casual games rather than casual audiences. Either way, there is a problem in the way games are marketed, probably because they're made mostly by men for men. It's tough to figure out what would work better in order to change the image this society has regarding video games, but if they had been marketed a different way all along, perhaps women wouldn't feel like games are just for guys. It's just the way we perceive things, but that doesn't mean it can't be changed or it couldn't be different. Women didn't used to wear pants and they were considered something just for men, yet times changed, society changed, and now I dare you to find women in our society that prefer to wear skirts rather than pants on a daily basis! I think this issue is something that could be addressed over time.

OC_MurphysLaw3764d ago

obviously they would be different. Women and men do share certain in food...but when it comes to things that interest them "in general" they are very different.

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