Top 10: Things that will make PES 2009 great.

Pro-G reports:

"The beautiful game is about to kick off in the UK tomorrow with PES 2008 on PS3, PS2, Xbox 360 and PC. If you haven't already seen our controversial PS3 review, we urge you to check it out. Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka, the game's legendary producer, has already promised lots more new features and modes in next year's game. Seabass has even gone on the record to promise a complete overhaul in every aspect. So, to get those creative juices flowing while you wait for PES 2008 to come out, we've put our heads together to come up with Pro-G's Top 10: Things that will make PES 2009 great."

10. Get rid of the invisible barriers for throw-ins.
9. Sort the music out.
8. Tweak the keepers.
7. Don't break play up with changes in camera angles.

Read on for the rest of Pro-G's recommendations.

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Elite-uk4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

PES 2009 = LOL!. Sounds like PES 2008 is screwed, if yall talking bout next version b4 release of latest one.......A tip,..... Buy FIFA 08 ;)

ilkercruiser4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

pes 2008 next gen version?
totally trash. Players are running as if they swallowed wooden sticks.
Awful animations. Frame Rate problems. Awful models...

JUST ONE THING that will make PES 2009 good;
1) Never release before learning how to make graphics & animations from EA

Wotbot4875d ago

have the game for the 360 and think that after only playing 5 games that it's a really good game and destroys PES 5 and 6.

For me this is the true sequel to PES 4, which lets face it was the best update.

I will be playing this footy game for the next year. Or until 2009 comes out.

So to confirm the gameplay is spot on. And the game Kills Fifa with out even trying.

The graphics as always are not as good as Fifa, but are still acceptable. It just sounds like the PS3 version has some slowdown which shouldn't be there. That would spoil the game a lot, and I haven't noticed any yet on the 360. I am sure the PS3 version will have an update and fix the slowdown.

Any way the best next gen footy game so far.

Unless of cause you want to look at nice graphics and are not interested in gameplay, then you would think Fifa was the best.

DarkSniper4875d ago

This should look good if it goes PS3 exclusive. That's the only platform this was meant to be played on.

Chabbs04875d ago

yeah the only platform to play it on if you want laggy substandard play compared with the 360 version

Chabbs04875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )


Chabbs04875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

triple, damn ie

kingfury4875d ago

It's not hard to see Konami's vision on this game. DVD-9 WOnt be able to carry their vision. Sorry Xb!tches the war is already over.

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