Wal-Mart now selling Toshiba's A2 HD DVD player for $198?

Remember all the hubbub about the $299, then sub-$200 Wal-Mart HD DVD player? Well, if that photo(follow the link below) is to be believed, then it's here. However, this isn´t some cheapo, no-name player. Nope, it's Toshiba's A2, listing for $399 back in April, now just $198. According to the AVS Forum jockey who supposedly took the pic, it'll be on sale nationwide on November 3rd with an allocation of 18 units per store. However, at least a few lucky AVS members are reporting that sales have already begun. So what's the dealio readers, how's it looking at your own local Wally World?

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lynx1halo4877d ago

this could be some trouble for my BLUR-RAY Sony has yet to match its competitor HDDVD with any such price on its format

aliveinboston4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

The only reason why Blu-Ray players sell at a higher price than HD-DVD players is because customers are willing to pay more for them. It's a superior technology and true video and audeophiles (the ones who spend money on high end equipment) know this. There are premium blu-ray players that sell for well over $1000.

HD-DVD players and Blu-Ray players all cost about the same to manufacture.

HD-DVD is a mediocre format that costs just as much to manufacture as Blu-Ray devices (they use virtually identical components), yet the performance of the device is limited by it's hard-wired to only be compatible with the inferior HD-DVD disc.

-Do you know that every HD-DVD player has the nearly all the core components (including the all-important blue laser) needed to play Blu-Ray movies but Toshiba decided that since they won't get royalties from Blu-Ray they will make it incapable of supporting the superior format? In other words, they're saying handing out a big "screw you" to consumers.

-Do you know that every blu-ray player supports true 1080P but not every HD-DVD player does?

-Toshiba was offered the opportunity to join the Blu-Ray alliance and share in success of Blu-Ray but they arrogantly decided to go it alone because they wanted all the royalties. When they got desperate they went to Microsoft to keep HD-DVD afloat.

-They got so desperate recently that they bribed a major movie studio with $150 Million dollars (Microsoft's cash, I'm sure) to become HD-DVD exclusive for a limited period of time.

How pathetic. Why does anyone support such a crap and outdated technology from an obviously arrogant company that has no concern in providing the best product for the consumer and only cares about hogging as much of the royalties as they can?

cuco334877d ago

Fanboy at it's finest. The FUD in your post is hysterical at most. Everything you mentioned is literally false from start to finish. It's what you call the trolling spin.

Upset Transformers HD DVD doesn't play in your PS3?

Loopy4877d ago

Taking popcorn and watching this stupid thread evolve...

Funky Town_TX4877d ago

Let see what happens. I'n in need of a upconversion player so I just may take the leep. I have a 1080p TV. I can't tell the diff between 1080i and 1080p on my TV. I have had 1080p going to it. I read that those 1080p players convert the 1080p from the movie to 1080i and back to 1080p.

THE_JUDGE4877d ago

all Blu-ray players do 1080p I believe, they're future proof. Save your money and get a 40gig PS3!

MikeMichaels4877d ago

So it's time for another "Wallmart s gonna sell a $199 HD-DVD player?" story.

spasticjustice4877d ago

You're goddamn right b!tch and now it's too late, I'm triple platinum and tragedy's happened in two states.

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