Konami battling PS3 PES 2008 online lag

Konami is working to iron out severe lag PS3 owners are currently experiencing with PES 2008.

An online notification displayed when gamers enter the PES 2008 lobby revealed that the publisher has uncovered "issues which can affect the online gameplay quality of PES 2008" and is working "full strength to find a solution as quickly as possible".

At the time of writing PS3 PES 2008 is practically unplayable online, with the ball pinging about uncontrollably and players randomly disappearing and reappearing.

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FirstknighT4875d ago

Wow you ps3 owners just can't catch a break, huh? Just nothing but bad news and problems.

Sez 4875d ago

no whats funny was all the sonyfans saying. psn has no looks like you guys get lag. LMFAO

sajj3164875d ago

Note that this is a Konami problem. I'm willing to bet they knew about the online issues before release.

Bad for PS3 owners, you bet but do you really need to rub it in our face?

Since I see that you are GREEN already, you are the perfect TROLL!

MikeGdaGod4875d ago

notice how they're taking responsibility for it.

the only game i've experienced lag on is Madden, and we know they devs didn't try hard. i don't have this game so i don't know how bad it is.

it is funny how you guys take joy from this but you'll have to wait because this has nothing to do with PSN.

karlostomy4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Guys, I note with dismay that you are once again blaming the developer, when in fact SONY should have handled this better from the start.

Wasn't it just a short while ago that MS was getting bashed for 'controlling' live protocols too much and demanding that developers conform to ridiculously high online network standards on xboxlive?

Well, I guess this is what happens...
Laggy PES08 on PS3.
Kinda makes you wish SONY had taken a more active part in designing the online gaming experience, doesn't it? Then this wouldn't have happened.

It's all well and good to bash MS for whatever.... but don't go blaming PS3 developers when it's SONY's lack of online gaming foresight and planning that caves in.

Keyser4875d ago

so it's not Sony's fault. Aside from Madden I haven't played a single game with lag on PSN and I'm sure EA is somewhere counting my dollars and laughing the basturds.

On Xbox Live, lag is prevelant in almost every game!! I played TMNT on arcade with some buddies and it lagged lika batch I'm like "GD!! Not on effing TMNT too?" When we played Halo 2, lag. Halo 3 lag. Its the theme.

I know it has to do with connection but I have the highest speed possible by my cable provider and it's still piss poor. I play PSN games and I don't get these issues and to me that is huge for online gaming. Some people have great connections but most don't and making XBL more like PSN in regards to rare lag issues would be a god send.

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jromao4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago ) Konami should gave more attention to ps3 version and fix that issues off and on-line.

Let them work on the bugs and wait for better news.

... but PES on-line service will be up only tomorrow 26 when game launches, not before :) so all this article isn't serious.

TheMART4875d ago

Lag on PSN? I thought there was no lag? Huh? So Sony fanboys are lying, to make themselves feel better?

paul_war4875d ago

Now to be fair I havent experienced any lag on anyother PS3 game, that includes 35 hours on Warhawk, guess its just a Konami problem that will be ironed out soon.

Fisher3394875d ago

Sry Mart but no,
ps3 already has a 40 and a 32 player online with no lag.
If the game is lagging, its their fault for not programming it rite.

Hey Mart? what is Halo 3 capped at 16 players? Im sure Bungie could have pushed more to 24 or even 32.

Its all up to the developers and how much effort they put in.

Caliber4875d ago

Had you not been so quick to troll, you would have realized that the lag is due to Konami's poorly programmed game.

PimpHandHappy4875d ago

when the game maker doesnt care about online play!

Warhawk RFOM Vegas Graw dont have lag for me and i have a kinda bad connection. I do get booted but thats because my router is junk.

Its funny Mart how you dont have a PS3 but i find you in PS3 threads all the time. This time you say PSfanboys lie but u add a question mark. If u had a PS3 and had Warhawk you would understand what lag free game play is. Go play ur 6on6 Halo and enjoy the host advantage and the lag u deal will with on ALL 360games

mesh14875d ago

PEOPLE PS3 FANS dont have a clue what lag is as most o them are not real gamers tbh so dont worry as we know all things lie xboxlive/INTERNET/PSN wil have lag on occassion or sometimes insane as every 1 does not live int the same spot and have identical net connection so ps3 fans we are laughing at u +)

Relin4875d ago

...was that even English? Sounds like you tried to type while blowing a load over bad PS3 news; typical Xbot.

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Rama262854875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Yeah, just been playing online and I can safely say it's not very acceptable.

Wonder what the problem is?

For all you Xbot trolls, this isn't a Sony or a Playstation problem - it's Konami's. So why don't you go and edit all your stupid 'jump on the band wagon' comments?

(For the record, I've never experienced lag on my PS3 before this)

And one last side comment, the so called frame-rate problems certain reviewers made a complete fuss about is not an issue in the slightest. There is some noticeable hiccups, but certainly not game breaking or anything to make this game not enjoyable. Top top game IMHO.

wageslave4875d ago

"For all you Xbot trolls, this isn't a Sony or a Playstation problem - it's Konami's."

No. It is a Sony Quality Control issue.

See, on Xbox LIVE, I am gauranteed high-quality multiplayer. MS keeps everything top-shelf.

It *IS* a Sony problem because they are permitting garbage online service. Microsoft certifies quality service for Xbox 360 owners... and it is *WELL* worth the ~$3.50 per month.

Keyser4875d ago

Come on man keep it real. Since you obviously own a 360 you know that Halo 3 and Halo 2 lags like an s.o.b. Don't lie just because you're on the internet.

Strider19794875d ago

for f***s sake!! Konami I aint even got the game yet so sort this out quick time. The same thing every friggin year!!!

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