Clive Barker's Jericho - Developer interview

The Xbox Community Network recently caught up with Andrew Wafer who is the Product Brand Manager, Codemasters to ask him all things about For Clive Barker's Jericho...

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chelcho4874d ago

Can anyone say how does this game run on ps3?

In what's becoming a familiar refrain, the PS3 version is the weakest of them all. While the PC and Xbox 360 versions hold their own graphically, the PS3 version is noticeably worse looking--to the degree we almost lowered the score for it a point. Basic special effects such as fire are extremely grainy. The general color contrast is high, making already dark areas even darker. There is a significant amount of jaggies (a lack of anti-aliasing) throughout the whole game. And the framerate, which normally tops 30 frames per second, takes a massive, prolonged hit when more than three enemies appear on screen. The content of the game is still exactly the same, which means this game is worth your while, but if you have multiple systems, avoid the PS3 version.

Ashta4873d ago

Well, I own the PS3 version of the game and I guess I managed to get one of the "PS3 fixed working special edition" copies because I haven't encountered any of those problems at all. Also, my copy seems to have come packed in with a locked 30fps and anti-aliasing all set up and working fine! Wow, how lucky I feel.

Seriously though. There isn't a single issue with the PS3 version of Jericho and it looks and plays absolutely amazing. As for his complaints about the "dark areas" I actually found the higher contrast a better mood setter than the brighter shades of the 360 version. It reminded me of my Doom 3 days not being able to see NUTHIN except what was in my little circle of light from my flashlight. Also, I guess he forgot that the game actually comes with a flashlight function for those darkened areas (Triangle is your friend).

In all honesty I don't know what type of stuff Gametap was on because none of those problems exist in the game and I've already gunned my way through over half the campaign. Besides, i'll concede and say the PS3 version of certain games have framerate issues (Fear, The Darkness, Anything from EA) but I'm just not going to agree with this guy.

The PS3 version of Jericho is awesome and any PS3 owner should pick it up. That said, any owner of a next gen console should pick the game up because this just might be the next-gen's Bujingai (bubble for the person who actually knows what game I'm talking about)