Assassin's Creed: A forumite in Montreal

Ubisoft began work on Assassin's Creed in 2004 after the completion of the third Prince of Persia title and from the very beginning, even before the first piece of concept art was drawn up, Ubisoft's mandate was to clearly redefine the action adventure genre and present gamers with a level of immersion never before seen in a game. Patrice and Jade described how in order to achieve this, throughout development of the game, it was imperative to do away with traditional gaming conventions such as floating energy top-ups, invisible boundaries, NPCs that don't react to the actions of the main character and more importantly the lack of freedom to explore every single nook and cranny of a game's world.

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LSDARBY4877d ago

Is this delayed, cus ive been reading it has?

Sam Fisher4877d ago

i dont think so check and type the name of the game and they will let u no when the release date is

stuntman_mike4877d ago

i cant wait for this more i hear the more i wanna play.

kingfury4877d ago

This game will get delayed. Crapbox360 having issues putting an enormous game on a disc it has no business being on, the dvd-9. Good going micro$oft

fanboyssuck4877d ago

Last time I heard both systems had their problems, its not hard to call it an xbox 360 like most people can call a playstation playstation instead of crap box. You are a dillusional nerd backing a company that doesnt care about you, why dont you back a religion as ademently as you back a stupid company. You know corporations only exist on paper ALL HAIL PAPER!

feejo4877d ago

I am from montreal great. Montreal is to become the center of the world for game programmation.

crystallakekiller4877d ago

hey..i'm from montreal too...i'm in ville st-laurent..where do you live? i wish i'd see Jade sometime!

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