Uncharted Demo set for November

Following previous rumours of an imminent demo for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on PlayStation 3, it's been confirmed by developer Naughty Dog that a trial should be available next month, courtesy of the PlayStation Store.

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doomsonyman4498d ago

hell yea baby i'll be downloading this

4498d ago
mighty_douche4498d ago

dude its not wise to come in the ps3 section and start bad mouthing Uncharted. if your not interested in the game/console, then why not f*ck off back to the section concerning which ever console your mummy bought you.

kiss those bubbles good bye!

jackfatal4498d ago

what about the ultimate game for u HALO 3? it also has frame drops!! and it doesnt even support 720p! and is a short game!
take ur trash to somewhere else!
this is ps3 section!

crazy250004498d ago

ima definetly try this one out

BSigel814498d ago

If u don't have anything positive to say then fu(k off

stuntman_mike4498d ago

im definatley downloading this, looking amazing.

mighty_douche4498d ago

i was praying that this may have been released on todays update! God, why have you forsaken me....?

PS360WII4498d ago

Nice for some but I already know I'm buying this game :)

jcgamer4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

I like how Naughty Dog wants to show it off though, which is a good sign

fenderputty4498d ago

I want to give it a spin as soon as possible. Bring on the demo por fovor.

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The story is too old to be commented.