Official Nintendo Mag gives Galaxy 97%

Issue 23 of the Official Nintendo Magazine UK hits shelves tomorrow with the first English-written review of Miyamoto's platform stunner, and the big, fat 97 percent slapped on it means they like it quite a bit.

"It's funny because the thing that annoys us most is that its fantastic graphics show us the sort of games we could have been playing for the past year had some developers bothered to pull their finger out," reviewer Chris Scullion says, in praise of the lush visuals we've been shouting about for months.

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Bolts4877d ago

My mom thinks I'm cool.

Sam Fisher4877d ago

thats not wat she said last night

Loopy4877d ago

How can you read your mom's thoughts?
That is really amazing.

gamesblow4877d ago

Was there ever any doubt? Please, nintendo is so slanted... R&C smokes this games ass and rotates it twice and I don't have to sit with my arms ajar to play it or stand, for that matter.

KeiZka4877d ago

Have you tried both of 'em? No? Bigot.

TruthbeTold4877d ago

"Ratchet and clank is better because it's a PS3 game."
"Even though it hasn't been released yet so I can't play it, Super Mario Galaxy is teh suckz."

Thanks for the laugh "gamesblow". You must be 12 years old. If that.

Blank10174877d ago

your argument for thinking a game sucks is that your arms are ajar? way to pick possibly the lamest excuse to hate a game that isnt even out yet.


unsunghero284877d ago

R&C is great. And Super Mario Galaxy is great.

That's all you have to say without sounding like a complete d*ck.

Not so hard, is it?

Basch4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Yeah, it's an irrefutable fact that everyone HAS to stand up in order to play Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Red Steel [insert the countless other games that use the aforementioned gameplay mechanic here]... The only Wii games I have had to stand up for are Wii Sports and WarioWare (and even then you can bowl, serve and bat quite successfully whilst sat down and playing the former). Galaxy's gameplay largely consists of pointing with the Wii remote and navigating with the nunchuck's analogue stick – if you need to stand up to do this, I suggest you seek medical help.

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sajj3164877d ago

There are only a few guaranteed things in life. A critically acclaimed Miyamoto Mario title is one of them.

More quality titles like this that showcase the wiimote and its graphics will entice me to get a Wii.

mesh14877d ago

this game looks better than ratchet and clank tbh in every sense.

unsunghero284877d ago

If a Sony whore hears you talking you'll be bubbless before you can say "7.5".

(NOTE: "Sony Whore" is a term of endearment. FYI, I like PS as well.)

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