Call of Duty Elite: First Official Screens and Details

Today, Activision is pleased to announce Call of Duty Elite, an all-new service that will revolutionize the Call of Duty franchise when the service launches this fall. This new service will provide the Call of Duty community with new ways of interacting with each other and share valuable statistical information to the hardcore Call of Duty player.

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gaffyh2701d ago

Seems like the most pointless thing ever.

MaxOpower2701d ago

How is this different then the clan stuff of Killzone, crysis 2, or any other newly released MP shooter.

Oh right.... This costs you money.

Winter47th2701d ago

Pay $$ to see your stats. LOL

kneon2700d ago

It said it's free, though there is a premium service with extra stuff.

gedapeleda2700d ago

This is something you can do on every other fps,
whtat's the big deal.And premium service will give you some extra stats lol

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frostypants2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )


...for a monthly fee, they are going to provide the same online statistics that the Battlefield games have provided us for free for years now?

ZOMG they have SPM!!! Lol...seriously?! A monthly fee for access to a simple database?

solar2700d ago

that is EXACTLY what i thought. only this is gonna be a lil more stream lined. the casuals will go nuts for this tho.

joab7772700d ago

I agree. Doesn't halo have this shit already for nothing. Its the beginning of pay to play, but they'd b crazy to ask ppl for manoeuvre against battlefield 3. Unless they r smart and sell mw3 for $50 or less.

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AbyssGravelord2701d ago

Another way for Activision to milk the Call of Duty franchise and the pockets of gullible gamers.

PoulCast2701d ago

Is offering new features/products which was not previously available, hence "new", "milking" a franchise if it's optional?

You do not "gain" gameplay advantages by purchasing this. You can choose to purchase this if you feel the need for it.

You will still get the entire multiplayer package without purchasing this, as mentioned, it's optional for those who likes to get further into statistics.

I'm not getting MW3, but I won't slaugther it immediately either.

frostypants2701d ago

The issue is that these are stat features that the Battlefield series has had for free for ages now. It's a pretty cynical move by Activision to think that people are this dumb. Sadly they're probably right. Hopefully the market will speak.

PoulCast2700d ago

Please show me any of this frostypants, I haven't found such statistics showed in the screenshots @ battlefield.

DeadIIIRed2700d ago

Considering you'll be paying a subscription to see extra stats and a community that you can already find on the web, yeah I'd say that's milking

zak94ma2701d ago

one way or another if Activision doesn't make the same move as EA, this game will fail.

InTheLab2701d ago

Pay for stat tracking..?

Joe29112701d ago

So basically what you could get for free out of the game before, in one programme and you have to pay for it? Also thought [email protected] had a similar sort of programme on its website but it was free!

PoulCast2701d ago

I don't see these features in CoD4, WaW, MW2 or Black Ops.

Ravenor2700d ago

PoulCast..I'm pretty sure this kind of stat tracking was in Halo 2. It was available on at no extra cost, just the time spent creating an account at Bungies website.

Please, for all our sakes open your eyes and see this as possibly the DUMBEST thing you could spend your money on.

Mikeyy2700d ago


World at War had increased stat tracking on the community website.

I hate Halo with a passion, but all this info is available to halo players for free on bungies website. My buddy links his videos and stats to me all the time...

Activision has got to be fucking kidding.

Joe29112700d ago

I'm not hugely educated in CoD, but I remember using an online application (also available for Ipod/Iphone) for [email protected] - it displayed your 'heat map' on every multiplayer game you played, your stats with weapons and stuf. BO - had heat maps in theatre mode.

There is nothing new about this idea, they are just making you pay for it now. It's sad to see such a company so obviously trying rip people off. I mean every company will try, otherwise they wouldn't make much money but Acti stepped over the boundary back when they published MW2.

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