Nintendo DS gets 1seg tuner too, watch out PSP

Maybe you know the deal with 1seg, but in case you don't, it's Japan's new(ish) native-brewed broadcast digital TV service technology that devices like the PSP, and now the Nintendo DS, are rocking. Granted, Engadget can't help but thinking the way this cartridge is going to jut out the back of one's DS is hardly elegant compared to Sony's much more densely designed solution, but the Japanese obsession with the DS knows no bounds, so godspeed, 'Tendo. This dongle will sell for ¥6800 (about $60 USD) when it goes on sale in Japan on November 20th.

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MrSwede4877d ago

Sorry for the late fixes, Da Rite Feacherz and TnS!

TruthbeTold4877d ago

I hope we get something similar here in the U.S. and hopefully cheaper than 60 bucks...

marcdz14877d ago

It's amazing that after 10+ years the gameboy is finally looking like it should have 10 years ago. This company has been milking it for a long ass time just giving us the same crappy innovation year after year. Gameboy,Gameboy Color,Gameboy Advance, ETC!! You get the picture. It has build a fanbase with the mario logo giving us the same freaking games in a different package. PSP offered WIFI from the get go and many more advanced technology right out of the box and what does everyone do? Go for the same cheap ass gameboy that has a different color and everyone goes crazy over it. This company is having to copy everything PSP does just to stay competitive. PS. That antenna looks like it can pickup satellite signals. (Bunny ears)

pwnsause4877d ago

he is serious, and hes kind of right. except for the wifi part, cause that was already built in to the DS

TruthbeTold4877d ago

The DS is absolutely mopping the floor with the PSP.
And another thing, don't you find it just a tad disgusting that you say these things as if you own Sony, and Nintendo is doing this to hurt you personally?

But anyway, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Since you are that type, why don't you take some solace in that rather than talk crap to some people you don't know, and that it hardly matters to? You act as if Sony never copied anyone. They copied Nintendo and others by getting into the gaming business in the first place if you want to get nitpicky...

ItsDubC4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

I just found the implication that the PSP is more innovative than the DS to be funny given the DS's touch screen, built-in mic, and dual screens, which he failed to mention. The PSP is a great gaming device in its own right of course, but I feel that it offers little more than being a portable PS2.

"PSP offered WIFI from the get go and many more advanced technology right out of the box"

What other advanced technology does the PSP offer which is applicable to gaming other than being graphically superior to the DS?

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JosefTor4877d ago

It is entirely true that Nintendo has been slow with advances and lazy with developing. There has been hardly any new IP's from Nintendo. It is just remakes of games made in the 90s. As for copying the PSP? I don't think Nintendo copies anyone... just look how long it took them to adopt CDs, internet gaming, DVD playback (oh wait... they still don't quite have that). Nintendo plays towards its strength, an attractive product with good battery life and games that are fun to play on a handheld. I got a PSP for Christmas and I only played it for about two hours. Why would I want to play Sony games on a handheld??? If Microsoft made a system I would say the same thing. I don't want FPSs on a handheld or complicated games... I want little party or platform type games.