Robbie Bach talks about Bungie, MGS4 and much more

Robbie Bach speaks about Microsoft's releationship with Bungie, Sony's lineup, a HD-DVD 360 and more.

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Bathyj4877d ago

Ha, its funny how these "writers" even when they cant weazle out the answer they want, they go ahead and say it anyway. Perfect Dark 2 (or should that be 3) is confirmed. Robbie had a glint in his eye.

Sam Fisher4877d ago

the only reason i bought Perfect dark was b/c their launch tittle line up sucked

Sam Fisher4877d ago

they barely even talk bout mgs4 and almost irrelavent to anything with microsoft.....(-_-) f*** bungie "they done their part"... Bioware!!! im counting on u!!! give us the new halo 4(for) the next Gen!!! (and i mean Mass effect for those who r allitle slow minded),o and 1 more thing this is NOT a ps3 hate message b/c i love sony as much as 360...Wii can go to hell,long live Sony 360... JUMP B3YOND...(Both the M$ and Sony logos together)

otherZinc4877d ago

I loved PERFECT DARK ZERO, it had, among other things: one of the top 5 co-op modes of all times.

Also, the 360 doesn't need MGS 4 because SPLINTER CELL: CONVICTION will be better as all SPLINTER CELL games are better than MGS games.

Caxtus7504877d ago

HAHA!....that was a good one. I needed that. Thanks.

A good read though. He seems like a nice guy, maybe he should have Peter Moore's job.


If you think splinter cell is better than MGS, then youve got your head stuck too far up MS ass. NO COMPETITION MGS pwns Splinter Cell anyday.

Lord20084877d ago

Its Simple =

If you want to play a good game get Splinter Cell

If you you want to watch about "10 HOURS" worth of cut scenes and about 3 hours of actual gameplay get MGS4

HarryEtTubMan4877d ago

hah SUREEEEEEE... spinter cell is as good as Metal Gear Solid lol lol lol keep dreaming

belal4877d ago

kills the whole splinter cell series ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.