No demo for Fallout 3

Matt Grandstaff, Bethesda Community Manager, writes on the Fallout forums that it is nice when you get a demo, but as a gamer, he don't always expects one:

"One thing to consider about demos though. For certain kinds of games, I'd say its not as easy to just break off a piece, and say, here's the demo. Sure you can take a game of Madden, let someone choose between two teams, and then make it one quarter. Or as of yesterday, just release a few songs for Guitar Hero III.

For a game like Fallout (or Oblivion), there's a lot of details that have to go into it since the game plays as a sandbox... where do you cut the user off. You might bring up that we have a playable demo that we've shown at events, but from the previews you read, you'll notice that the G.O.A.T exam is never taken, we never decided to save Megaton instead of blowing it up, and so on. Part of the reason for this is that for the purpose of showing the game, they didn't need to flesh out those details.

If we were doing a demo, there'd be a lot of time spent on deciding where a user could go, what quests to include, etc. For Fallout 3, we'd rather commit the time that can be used for delivering a demo into spending more time working on the final product."

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Captain Tuttle4877d ago

For some reason I'm not bothered by this. I just hope they nail the Fallout "feel".

Caliber4877d ago

From what I've read about Fallout 3, they won't.
But you can bet they'll nail the "Oblivion feel".

The Elder Scrolls V: Fallout 3 coming next fall

Erdrick4877d ago

seems more like "we want to keep the hype up as high as possible, so we wont allow a demo to cast any doubt upon the final product" to me.

MK_Red4877d ago

Its really hard to make demo of such a game. Can anyone imagine Oblivion demo?

RadientFlux4877d ago

Oblivion Demo could possibly work... all they would have to do is keep the entire demo inside a cave or dungeon.

mokagar20074877d ago

yea probably would be massive like 5 giga bytes just to download it

Charlie26884877d ago

While making a demo of such games would be hard I think in the special case of Fallout 3 it is a MUST that they do SOMETHING to let you taste the game since they are tapping into dangerous water by changing a cult game such as Fallout...and potentially ruining it >.>

This could save then a LOT of trouble I mean a diehard Fallout fan buys the game thinks is blasphemy and will go to bash the devs to DEATH for having "forced" him to buy such a bad multiply that by the hundreds