Next Generation previews Alone in the Dark

Since last year's E3, Eden has remained unforthcoming about this gloomy remake of the 1992 classic – a game which gave birth to many of the identifiable features of the survival-horror genre.

Alone in the Dark has relocated to Central Park, New York, and that it will be episodic in its structure – broken up into one-hour segments of action, much like a TV show. Beyond this, little is known, however.

In the spirit of the original game, your character will find few weapons to hand – relying on a mixture of makeshift tools and his environment to defeat or avoid his enemies. The technology bolstering this is the ability to combine many items that you come across – the inventory system displaying from a firstperson perspective, looking down over the character's chest as he opens his jacket, revealing the many pockets inside. Wrap a glowstick in tape and you can fling it on to a wall to light the area ahead of you. Fill a bottle with bullets and gasoline and you have a bomb, which you can then ignite from a safe distance by leaving a trail of fuel.

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mighty_douche4876d ago

cant wait for some actual game footage!

iMad4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Many many teams developing new technology for XBOX 360 and PC now and we will see this technologies in games soon becouse they want money spended for research back.

shame for PS3 its can't get close to current XBOX 360 level :)
XBOX 360 just has won next-gen console war!

mighty_douche4876d ago

regardless where my loyalty lies, people like you make me sick! 14 year olds shouldnt be allowed access to the internet.

iMad4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

You sick becouse of facts. And facts are not in your favor.

lodossrage4876d ago

Might douche as a point here. That's all I'm gonna say lol

lodossrage4876d ago

Might douche as a point here. That's all I'm gonna say lol

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predator4876d ago

been a long time since a decent alone in the dark, hopefuly this will come good

beavis4play4876d ago

this game had been in production forever it seems and still limited info?