Rein quiet on UT3 PS3 date

Epic Games' Mark Rein says it's "too early to know" whether Unreal Tournament 3 will hit PS3 this year.

Rein was speaking to Eurogamer via email in light of Australian distribution reports that the PC version is set for mid-November but won't be joined by its console sibling until 2008.

Midway yesterday confirmed that the PC version is down for release in mid-November, although it couldn't be completely specific about the release date.

The publisher recently advised investors that the highly anticipated first-person shooter might miss the pre-Christmas release window and slip to 2008, with Rein later adding that the company had felt obliged to alert investors to the possibility despite a reasonable probability of getting it done this year.

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Ghost-Face4063d ago

I've been dripping with anticipation for this game, it's one of the reason i got my ps3 this game is the true master of the FPS genres, i just wish Epic would just give us a date already.....

THC CELL4063d ago

i really think this game will hit before x mas on ps3 x box there is no chance really

Kleptic4063d ago

well yeah...Rein said the 360 version has been on the back burner since last April in an interview a few weeks ago...if the PS3 version is delayed, its just that much longer for the 360 version...

and also they stopped even responding to questions on the 360's mod support...they were never happy with XBL closed environment, and over the summer were still optimistic about what MS would let them get away with though...that optimism has since seemed to disappear...quick little phrases like "still unsure" is all an interviewer gets about the 360's mod support, and the subject is quickly changed by Rein back to the PC/PS3 versions of the game...

bumnut4063d ago

it is only 9 weeks til xmas, not a lot of time to correct problems, test the game, then get it manufactured and shipped.

shame, because i like ut

mighty_douche4063d ago

... for a while now and its fantastic.

regardless of whether is ships 07 or 08 this is gonna be a game that all ps3 owners should pick up. i know that delays can pi55 you off but its better to wait a month or 2 and get the UT3 experience the way it should be rather than a half assed version. dont worry guys, this game will be in your hands before you know it!

enjoy it!!

jackdoe4063d ago

So wait, UT3 is only a month away on the PC and Midway still doesn't have an official release date for it yet?