Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - BMW 135i Gameplay

Put the pedal to the floor and hug the turns to ensure your victory on the racetrack.

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InMyOpinion4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I really hope they fix the AI. The CPU cars drive in a straight line waiting to get "bumped" off the track. Like racing against zombies. He barely touches them and they fly off the track lol!

The dude whos playing really shows the flaws in GT. Look how he cuts corners without having the car starting to skid. I guess grass and sand isn't slippery.

The graphics on the cars look great (why the cardboard background?), but the gameplay looks no different than the other GT games. They really need to work on the physics and AI. This just looks dated...

*edit* Still, with 900 cars it's hard not to get hyped =)

Strange4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

The reason the car doesn't skid on the grass is because he was driving STRAIGHT. There is minimal side forces resulting in a skid when you are driving STRAIGHT, thus there SHOULDN'T be a skid.

Try turning on the grass or the sand. You'll see how far you can get.

Edit: please would someone tell me why driving straight on sand or grass would make you skid to one side or the other? I would understand losing grip, but since you aren't turning at all, I wouldn't understand the skidding part.

jib4063d ago

he was turning, right before he hit that silver nsx

ddldave4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

if you actually played the game with realistic settings. such as with TCM off, everything set to 0. if you drove in the grass like that you'd spin out or have a hard time steering. it happened to me, i tried cornering at that speed and i understeered, sometimes hitting the grass and i can't regain control and i spin out. and you also slow down by a ton when you hit the grass.

that N who was driving was too scared to use the realistic physics of GT5 prologue so he set everything on and set it to 10 and i'm guessing he's using a automatic transmission too.

Strange4063d ago


you mean at about 1:00?
There was only two instances where this driver on porposely drove onto the grass. In the second instance he didn't hit any other car

In the first instance, he turned after he resumed onto the asphalt.
So I don't see any problem with that.

Anyway, in either instance, there was minimal turning on the grass. (very minor corrections only) Therefore, I don't expect any spin, to be totally honest.

Don't forget that this guy seems to be runnin the game in standard mode, where driving around doesn't pose any real challenge.

Professional mode feels very, very different.

marinelife94063d ago

Don't worry you'll spin out if you turn especially in the sand. It's a whole lot of fun though trying to correct the spin to get back on the track in the right direction. Give it a try sometime.

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ShiftyLookingCow4063d ago

ok all the stuff shown here I just hope doesnt make it to the final game. I mean it shouldn't be possible to drive like a jackass and still come first.

season0074063d ago

There are always crazy person who manage to play a game like this (after all its a game), but then i wouldn't say grass and sand don't slip in GT5 because i've played it

Strange4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )


This guy took so many shortcuts that it was a pain to the eye to see.
Not only does the driving suck, the video capture also sucks. The demo itself looks much more crisper and the framerate was also much more stable.

Bad choice for a video if you ask me.

The AI is actually very agressive and makes way for you a lot of times (when you can obviously overtake them)
What is shown here is bad driving, where the driver really "MEANT" to hit the other cars. Give me one driving game in which you can't hit other cars even if you wanted to.

I'd like to see a real person try to dodge this driver. Let alone an AI.

Doesn't do the demo any justice....

Edit: Also one of the few driving games in which I see the AI forcing other AI to make mistakes, the AI overtaking other AI.

nix4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

after the driver goes straight off the track (towards the end) the camera changes and around the place where the car was suppose to take a turn (with metal wired wall in front) suddenly the car disappears but you can still see the shadow. i'm sure it will be fixed!

anyway, the car looks fu(king great! q:

ah that part when the car comes out of the bridge (the camera to the side)... the car was gleaming and the wheel cover rotating was amazing to look at. AMAZING GRAPHICS!

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