Capcom Promises Arcade-Perfect Street Fighter II HD

Street Fighter II is more than 15 years old and still the game is one of the most popular with fighting game fans. Capcom is readying a high-definition remake of the game for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, a version it says will play just like the original arcade game.

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gamesR4fun4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

Not that exciting tho its just st2 with a paint job right?

Still here hoping it turns out ok for all the platforms...

mighty_douche4011d ago

but hopefully its as good as i remember, to many times ive gone back to old games expecting them to invoke the feeling i remember from yesteryear but instead generally i get pi55ed off and end up resenting it.

gogators4011d ago

I might just have to get one of those overly large arcade sticks. How many years now has Capcom been promising an arcade perfect version of Street Fighter II?

riksweeney4011d ago

I wonder if they'll use the original voices or if they'll lift them from, say, Street Fighter Alpha 3?

Would be nice if you could choose the voice actors, but I'm being really picky now


I will definitely be buying this game. I cannot tell you how many game tokens Ive spent at arcades paying SFII. ..I agree with gogators, I may have to buy one of those arcade sticks. Sh*t I may even get a token machine to put inthe liviing room. LOL

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