Too Many Sequels In 2011

Gamers Outlook "When creating a GOTY 2011 Predictions poll, I noticed that this year we are seeing a lot of sequels. Sequels are not necessary a negative thing when it comes to games. Many of last years sequels were fantastic such as Gran Tursimo and offered many new features and great replay value, however I do like to see lots of new IP's at the same time."

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VersusEM4766d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing some new ip's, I'm interested in that action rpg for PS3.

Will-UK4766d ago

Yeah im hoping they show new IP's at E3

ATiElite4766d ago

Hey if a game is great guess what? Your gonna want a sequel. Gamers tend to enjoy the character story environment game play etc so they want more!

As long as each game in the series is made very well and evolves the story character and game play then who cares what the number after it is. Sure New IP's are always welcomed and if they are good then BAM another sequel please.

can't wait till I'm 101 and i get to play Half Life 4 and Modern Warfare 209.

HeavenlySnipes4766d ago

its an RPG game for the move where we move with the Nav and use the Move to control the sword/axe whatever and the shield.

Can easily be done. Just needs dev time and a dev team.

Tachyon_Nova4766d ago

The middle of a console generation is always sequel heavy because developers are able to churn them out quickly and cheaply. At least we have a lot of quality sequels this year.

Will-UK4766d ago

That is true it does become cheaper but it would be nice to give us a few original games this year aswell

gcolley4766d ago

unfortunately sequels are usually of better quality then new IP, and cheaper and already have a fanbase. just look at brink

Foxgod4766d ago

Not unfortunate, The witcher spawned the witcher 2 :)
Thats just awesome!!

HeavenlySnipes4766d ago

How did the franchise get a fanbase if the first sucked?

The first was a new IP so games like Uncharted, InFamous, Batman AA etc.. now have an established fanbase because the first game was awesome.

Foxgod4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

Nothing wrong with a good sequel.
As long as you dont let Square enix handle them.

Hopefully they wont force Eidos to make crap titles in the future.

VampiricDragon4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

Eidos can handle that themselves like with kane &lynch,just cause 1

Square enix actually makes quite good games in general (every company has clunkers). Dragon quest X, type zero, rocket slime 3, kingdom hearts 3ds, 13-2,versus,chocobo racing will rule (more games will get announced at tgs and E3). Its square japans best lineup of games for some time.

Eidos is making some good stuff with deux ex and hitman,tomb raider

dont generalize a company based off your hatred.

Foxgod4766d ago

Most of the games you mentioned aint out yet, howabout we judge SE by what they released the past few years.

Who knows most of the games you mentioned will end up to be flukes.
Everybody thought FF13 would rock.

VampiricDragon4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

ff 13 has a gamerankings average of 85 on the ps3, thats good

tactics ogre psp 88.11%

Kingdom hearts BBS 82.50%

And then theres other good ones like ff gaiden, dq monsters joker 2 (tearing up the japanese charts)

@ fox
I see so I cant use facts and figures huh?
SE has failures like all companies have failures. Its not uncommon.

Foxgod4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

Lets not talk handhelds, and or review ratings.
Otherwise you force people to make a list on all the SE failures.

Also japanese charts......

earbus4765d ago

True i just want a battlestations modern game nuclear subs ,jets please eidos fav series this gen.

BeastlyRig4766d ago

Red Orchestra 2!

And 2012 will have a war game that will be more hardcore than bf3! ARMA3 yay for pc!

Looks as good also..
- http://image.gamespotcdn.ne...

- http://image.gamespotcdn.ne...

- http://image.gamespotcdn.ne...

Kon4766d ago

Lets hope A3 will be better than the second. Because that was one ugly ass game

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EA Hiring Ex-Military Personnel to Help Build Next Battlefield Game via "Hiring Our Heroes" Program

EA has hired ex-military personnel in order to help shape the next Battlefield game as part of the Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) program.

OtterX13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Why don't you Hire Your Old Dev Team who brought us the brilliance of Battlefield Bad Company 2 while you're at it. It was more exciting than anything recent in the Battlefield series. It just needs to be updated to reach modern times, but it was so great at its core.

just_looken10h ago

This would be nice but that team has tossed out the finals and has arc raiders on the back burner

20 thousand still play the final's

Why get slapped around by ea when you already have something going on.

What the next battlefield needs is a step back simple functional not a live service and smaller player servers than 2042. Just make it like battlefiled 3 with bad company destruction just something simple

But they already killed off ridgeline games that had ex halo/cod devs so no singleplayer unless they make another dev team for it.