Super Smash Bros Record-A-Brawl

Anyway, 1UP reports that the Wii's upcoming (well, 2008) title Super Smash Bros Brawl will not be left out in the snow, or any other sort of awful weather, when it comes to recording your frenetic matches. Players will be able to save up to three minutes of match time, and share it with friends and enemies.

The news is also on the official Smash Bros DOJO website, for the doubters out there.

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bluebrad19744013d ago

Call me narcistic, but I hope more games start having a feature such as this. Or even better, like the Theater mode in Halo 3, which saves entire matches.

BrotherNick4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Okay, now just understand that that wii maybe doesn't have all the hd space of the other next gen consoles, for now I am very happy. too many times I've wanted to study what I did wrong when playing my friend who always kicks my ass. Now I can. Thank Halo for making that a feature, and now it'll be in future games.

Bnet3434013d ago

look at everyone copying Halo 3. Yes copying Halo 3 you idiots, because it just so happens this gets added right when halo 3 got released.

BloodySinner4013d ago

What's there to sigh about? He's totally right. Most call Halo 3 overrated, yet it gets its main features copied by other developers. Notice because of Halo, virtually no health packs are seen in today's games (health regeneration).

Prismo_Fillusion4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

He's right, be he's going about it the wrong way, calling us idiots and what not. It's a very negative post, and there's no reason for it. Obviously it was cool to be included in Halo 3, and we all know that "imitation is the best form of flattery".

at yakvas below: I can't think of any other console games where this feature was implimented. Certainly not to the grand scale of what Halo 3 did.

Bnet3434013d ago

are the people who say, but Halo is SOOO GENRIC, BRINGS NOTHING NEW!! SO OVERRATED WAHH!!!! those are the idiots. Everyone hates the best

Mode7Madness4013d ago

Really - replays the bastion of Halo 3 innovation?

Hang on - didn't Super Monkey Ball (1, 2 and Banana Blitz) offer full replays. Oh yes and then there was Burnout and ... the list goes on.

Plus, if you really want full replays of any game you can always buy yourself a video capture card for your PC and plug your crappy consoles into that too.

TheFireTruck4012d ago

Hell, even NBL Blitz 2003 let you watch + control replays from your last play. BLITZ IS THE BASTION OF INNOVATION!!1!

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jackdoe4013d ago

That is a neat feature but not really one I would use. I mean, in Halo 3, the only movies that I really watch are games that I play myself and that is only once in a while. After all, why watch a video of gameplay when you can actually play?

yakvas4013d ago

This feature predates Halo 3 by years and years.

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