Crysis, Now In Special Gold Master Form?

Not sure how this one slipped under the radar, but it looks like we have a semi-official Crysis gold announcement from Jan Müller, a Crytek programmer. On the 19th, he made this post on his blog:

It's done, when it's done, but Crysis is due to ship on November 16th, so it's pretty obvious it's done.

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Juneyp154105d ago

i wish i had a pc that could run this game... i doubt many people do though ... but i can gaurantee that 95% of people who are into PC Shooters and can run this game will get it .. i doubt itll be a "Nah id Rather Get Gears or Ghost Recon or something else"

ruibing4105d ago

Why is this tagged with 360 and PS3 when it is for PC? People need to start tagging these articles properly.

Charlie26884105d ago

SWEET, but first I will have to try the demo this friday to see in what level of ULTRA high settings I can run this bad boy :P

yo_mama1234105d ago

Building a new rig soon. Crysis here I come.

mighty_douche4105d ago

ive spend alot of money on my rig lately, mainly due to this game so hopefully its all its cracked up to be!

Maximum Strength....

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