Mass Effect Documentary Video

"Set 200 years in the future in an epic universe, Mass Effect places gamers in a vast galactic community in danger of being conquered by a legendary agent gone rogue. A spectacular new vision from legendary developers BioWare, Mass Effect challenges players to lead a squad of freedom fighters as they struggle against threatening armies to restore peace in the land.

Mass Effect is the first in a trilogy of games with an overarching story. As the first human Specter – sworn defenders of galactic peace – your mission is to halt the advancing armies of a legendary agent gone rogue. But as you lead your elite team across hostile alien worlds, you will discover the true threat is far greater than anyone imagined". -IGN

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doomsonyman4012d ago

so sad the the 360 trys so hard to have a diverce game selection and every attempt ending in failuar

THE VIOLATOR4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )



YOU, dumfonygirl, are a WORTHLESS TROLL.

YOU, dumfonygirl, are SPAM.

predator4011d ago

what the hell are u on. only extreme dumbass fanboys can say that about mass effect, true gamers no how good this game is.

BLACKJACK VII4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

WTF is failuar ?

Must be high praise, because that's all MASS EFFECT has been getting:

E3 2006 Best RPG

E3 2007 Best RPG

E3 2007 Voted Best Console Game

SuperSaiyan44011d ago

My PS3 is collecting dust as it has no decent exclusives and if you seriously think that Ratchet and Clank is worth the high scores its been getting then yeah right. I played the demo and its complete rubbish - Gamespot gave it a 7.5/10 because they were the only ones not to have been BRIBED by Sony.

In regards to Mass Effect OH BOY! Cannot wait! Its gone gold and just counting down now!

Halo 3, PGR4 and also The Orange box which I have just completed all on the 360 and then Mass Effect!! I love the 360! Awesome graphics and as they should be since it has a much better GPU and better hardware for PURE GAMING.

ShiftyLookingCow4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

damn according to various people on N4G, MS and Sony keep taking turns raping the press.

ps. sorry to others for the language but sometimes this BS smear talk against great games gets very fugly and annoying

richie007bond4011d ago

You know what super saiyan,ur spot on with [email protected] i also played the demo and i thought it was a load of garbage,and why people are saying it rivals pixar is a complete mystery to me,i though the graphics were poor, nothing that hasnt been done before,the textures were burry and jaggy i just thought it looked average.I have still to buy a game for my ps3,no joke i downloaded warhawk played it a few times but havent played it since also downloaded gt5 demo which i think is good,but pg4 gives it a good run for its money,theres a lot of things in pgr4 that make it look better than GT5,the buildings and landscpape walk all over gt5 even some of the car models in pgr4 look better,but gt5 is still a demo so hopefully they will sort it out,and as for mass effect that game is goona own any ps3 game out this year.Mass effect looks amazing and is right up there with Halo 3.......

ShiftyLookingCow4011d ago

about 4 horribly long weeks to go. can't wait for this game to get into my hands.

btw the Mass Effect LE is available from Amazon too.

predator4011d ago

i live in the uk, any news if the LE will be available from shops or is it gona be like the US


Wow, you can't even read any article or have an intelligent conversation about games on this website anymore....

Lord, don't we have any mods for all these trolls ???????

Daxx4011d ago

They only modderate the forums. -_-

ShiftyLookingCow4011d ago

yeah mods work like hawks in the forums. doomsonyman's(someone who isnt worth a reply) BS flamebait topics there almost always end up locked.

Daxx4011d ago

OMG, I didn't realize Seth Green was one of the voice actors. ^_^

BLACKJACK VII4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Yeah man, he's like a pilot or something. Cool choice huh ?

What just 3 weeks away now, this game is gonna be killer ! Bioware rulez !! Rumor has it Bioware is working on a KOTOR based MMO as well we'er suppose to see in 2009...

@ DarthNihilus: Yeah man, I'm taking a few days off for Mass Effect. I'm like you, I want to do EVERYTHING in this game & then play it again! LOL, I've told all my XBL friends that'll I'll be "off the map" from 11/20 'till the New Year ! It'll probably be 2008 B4 I sink my teeth into Assassin's Creed or COD4. Been waiting for Mass Effect since I first heard about it - I think this game & Gears will be my favorite games this generation.

ShiftyLookingCow4011d ago

I wish some more characters from Star Trek were there but no big deal. As for the game, I wont be one of those people who just run through the plot from start to finish. I am going to explore as much as I can(most of my thanksgiving is going to get spent on it).