Outspark Looks to Jumpstart Online Gaming

Outspark, a new publisher and operator of free online games, has officially launched. Staffed with experienced talent from Blizzard, EA, Webzen, Yahoo! and others, Outspark hopes to build up a free online gaming communities and the company is already attracting the attention of large media companies.

"The future of online entertainment lies in the type of immersive games and enchanting communities Outspark is building," added Foster. "We believe that our titles will help the online entertainment industry evolve, making it easier for media companies to establish a gaming presence online by offering them a complete platform that's easy to use and monetize."

Outspark plans to "offer a broad range of multiplayer titles" including fantasy role-playing and advanced casual games like sports and racing. The company's first title will be Fiesta, an RPG, which is currently in open. Next up will be Secret of the Solstice, "a role-playing adventure featuring twin princesses, a kingdom in peril, and a mysterious evil only the most resolute players can hope to overcome." The game is currently in closed beta.

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