L.A. Noire – Hidden Vehicles and Complete Vehicle Location Guide

RipTen: In Rocktar’s LA Noire there are 95 different Cars that Cole can Commandeer. These include cars of all types including hidden vehicles.

Using this Guide will help users obtain the Auto Collector, Auto Enthusiast and Auto Fanatic Achievements/Trophies.

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jaredhart2796d ago

95 different cars...that's a sizable number!

Valay2796d ago

Yep. Must have taken the developers a lot of time to put them all in the game.

FAGOL2796d ago

Thank you! I'm going crazy trying to find the last 8 cars.

banjadude2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I actually managed to find a lot of the cars on my own. I found all the service, bonus and police ones by myself, but for the 2 and 4 doors, I only got about 60% of them.

Since I had to restart missions a lot, and I drove to various locations without using my partner to drive, I often saw cars that I didn't recognized and I just hopped in and the in-game notice came up.

But it got very tedious after awhile, so I decided to get the rest after I finished everything else first, lol.

jaredhart2795d ago

A lot of stuff to do in the game.

banjadude2794d ago

Ripping my hair out right now, lol... I need to find one damn car, and I have been searching for over 2 hours using multiple online sources... :/

Invadersims2795d ago

I can cross this off my list of stuff to get in this game.