Games to be released in Europe in June

A month full of important games, in fact in June marks the return after many years of Duke Nukem Forever, Infamous, but also two long-awaited sequel...

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omi25p2702d ago

Just infamous 2 for me

Venox20082702d ago

Duke, Child of eden, Alice, Shadows of the damned for me :)

LoaMcLoa2702d ago

Same here, except for Eden : )

Venox20082702d ago

man, you don't know what you are missing :) btw: did you play REZ? try all levels..

LoaMcLoa2702d ago

Venox: Sorry, just not my cup of tea ^^' But I'll try a demo for sure, if there will be one

rabidpancakeburglar2702d ago

I want duke, red faction and infamous. With my money situation I'll probably only be able to get infamous though.

Cajun Chicken2702d ago

This is why I love Lovefilm with 2 games on unlimited rental.

pandehz2702d ago

Duke is gonna Nuk..em..all