Advanced Media Network Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Review-9.5

If you liked the first three Ratchet and Clanks but didn't care for Deadlocked, Tools of Destruction will get your motor revving. The glorious return to form is welcome as the "classic" R&C was sorely missed. Insomniac doesn't let you have time to think about the past games because you start playing in the middle of an invasion.

Grab your weapons because this is going to be a huge mess. Part of what makes Tools of Destruction so awesome is the inventive and ingenious weapons. The overwhelming majority of the weapons are fun to use and all of them have devastating effects. With time and repeated use, you "level-up" your weapons to inflict greater damage on your foes. Not only will your weapons naturally level-up but you can buy upgrades for them at vendors that are scattered throughout the planets you explore. Devices are also new additions in Tools of Destruction. Most of you have seen the Disco ball that makes the enemies dance on screen but there are a few other devices that are just as helpful you discover in your quest. The upgrade system and devices add more layers onto the creative weapons to ensure that battles, boss battle or not, are a thrill a second.

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sonarus4012d ago

gamespot really dissapointed me with their review. However they are still the 2nd best reviewers IMO behind IGN. After IGN and gamespot i jst look at megacritic.

shmee4012d ago

not even XBOTS are approving Gamespot news thread

Just like the ps3 fans the xbox gamers are also disappointed and shocked by GS review.

gtgcoolkid4012d ago

F***ing gamespot. Gave same score to Conan and this AAA title. I hope we kill every review from that site in the pending area. This is not about PS or Xbox fanboys.

ruibing4012d ago

I used to like Gamespot when they did a lot of extensive reviews and video reviews for games.

grimygunz4012d ago

These reviews of 9+ are dead on. Its the best platformer in a LOOOONNGG time. on top of that the graphics and art style is top tier with bioshock and heavenly sword. I expect COD4, Uncharted and mass effect to be the last 3 games this year to hit that top tier.

Real gamer 4 life4012d ago

yea you can see that they are biased. there no question about it, and futhermore they have lost their credibility with many fans.

gamesblow4011d ago

I played thru this game over the course of the last 3 days (got mine Monday) and have to say it's the most incredible next-gen experience so far. Graphics, presentation.. .Amazing. I love where they're taking the story and I know where it'll ultimately be, I believe. "ha" Insomniac is awesome! Sony better not let them slip away.