Rumour Time: NGP’s Official Name Revealed

The possible official name of the NGP could have just been leaked. What do you think?

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smoothdude4801d ago

Sounds really close to Vista doesn't it?

aCasualGamer4801d ago

Hahaha it almost sounds like the swedish word for pussy "fitta".

Hahahah awesome name.

TheLastGuardian4801d ago

That's stupid.

Call it PSP2.

DarkTower8054801d ago

Yeah, sounds horrible, but I'm sure it would be known as the "PSV" for short. PSV isn't that bad.

WhittO4801d ago

I think it will grow on me, it does sort of flow when you say "PS VITA", like its 1 word.

Lifendz4801d ago

PSP v.2.0 wold've worked for me. Or PSP v.4.0 if you want to avoid confusion with the PSP 3000.

f7897904801d ago

I know I'll call it the PSP2 regardless of what they name it.

Azurite4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

Or the actual Swedish word "vita" plural of "white"...

turgore4801d ago

Well it is the same as the romanian word for beef

InactiveUser4801d ago

Maybe they just came up with a worse name than NGP, so they can go back to NGP and people won't complain about it not being called PSP2, because "at least they didn't call it the Vita."

Horrible name though IMO. It doesn't sound like a game system, let alone a cool and powerful one. It sounds more like a Chinese ripoff of Vista or something.

miyamoto4801d ago

no kidding. You can quote me on this.

dragunrising4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

The name sounded feminine before I read your comment. Now I can't get "pussy" out of my head! :-)

aCasualGamer4801d ago


OK, i'm guilty. For being naughtier than you! Damnit!


NiKK_4194800d ago

I wonder if its just because they want to have playstation in the name, but don't want to call it psp2 because it could be confused with psp2000, 3000, and go. They probably just want to start with a fresh name behind playstation other than portable, but still, I think they should have used another name, but I guess it does set it apart from playstation portable, which is what they probably want

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Exquisik4801d ago

Problem with "NGP" is that there's no "Playstation" trademark in it. And "PSNGP" does not sounds so good, neither is "Playstation NGP". As a hardware being developed, produced, and released by SCE, it will needs and have a "Playstation" brand.

Tommykrem4800d ago

The other problem with NGP is that it can't remain the next generation portable forever. What's the next one going to be called? The generation after that portable? But I agree that NGP has a better flow to it.

fluffydelusions4801d ago

I hope that is not the name. Doesn't even sound right.

pain777pas4801d ago

PSV.... does not sound that bad. You know what everyone will be saying games for the PSV in about 3 weeks tops. The acronym works.

leonlion4801d ago

It could be playstation 5



They should just call it PSP2...it makes more sense.. E.G, PS1,PS2 now PS3.

gamingdroid4801d ago

Reminds me of vitamin and it sounds like a really stuck up product with that name.

Hold on, I'm just goin to grab my Vita....

dragunrising4801d ago

It doesn't sound like a gamer type of word. I think of "Vita" as a product and I think of bottled water. Vita as a name for a phone could work- many people are inseparable from their phones. Pretty soon all of our IDs, passports, credit cards will be stored on our phones. Not exactly a future I want- stay away Google Wallet.

Rumor4801d ago

Wait, is it pronounced (veeta) or (viyta)?

xAlmostPro4801d ago

It will be called PSP2(playstation portable 2) i'd bet money on it :)