Call of Duty 4: Beyond the Beta - TeamXbox Preview

Although this holiday season has certainly been full of monumental releases, one of the year's most memorable days was one in which not a single game came out. In late August, gamers everywhere finally got their taste of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, one of the most anticipated titles of 2007. We had very high expectations (given the previous track record of developer Infinity Ward) and the multiplayer beta that was made available to the public made them that much loftier. Thankfully the beta ended before everyone got tired of playing on the same three maps, but teamxbox couldn't help wondering how much more we'd be getting in the finished game.

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grimygunz4014d ago

MS server was down so they where forced to play the PS3 version. And coming from xbox boys saying that the game looks identical is a relief as everyone should be able to enjoy this great game without any gimped versions floating around.

THC CELL4014d ago

has to get that bit about x box
Cause he works for them Bla bla

This game will be alot better with the ps3

God sake if a ps3 preview site said stick to the xbox

I am getting this for ps3 full stop

Wait for the reviews and VS screens will see who is the winner


nuff said

Hutchy4014d ago

Read that back to yourself, doesnt make sense :D

Im beginning to wish I kept my Xbox 360 and not bought a PS3. I much prefer the triggers on the Xbox controller.

FirstknighT4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Di Di Diiiiiiiiiiii

BigBadPolo4014d ago

Why would there be a winner period? Both systems are getting a AAA release I believe on the same date and both will have online play. I mean this is a win/win situation for both systems! No need to compare here folks.

THC CELL4014d ago

ps3 wins cause it excels over x box

FirstknighT4014d ago

"Thankfully the beta ended before everyone got tired of playing on the same three maps"

Yeah I actually was getting bored. I feel bad for all the Warhawk players with their 5 maps. I hear Warhawk popularity has already died of boredom.

BigBadPolo4014d ago

/\ The Cell... Great argument there killer, lolol. You can't type, you can't use proper grammar and yet you expect someone to take you seriously? Right, right!

Both versions will obviously have a little bit of difference but both will be damn good LOOKING and PLAYING games. The reviews are rolling in and all are very, very positive. No need to have an argument when there isn't anything to argue. Some PS3 fans are loco man...

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