Time Crisis 4 - Time is Running Out Trailer

Take aim at on-screen enemies with unprecedented precision using the next-generation Guncon 3 controller.

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Bubble Buddy4109d ago

new guncon looks good, and i loved this game in the arcade, everyone would go for this game first. or the stacker game

lodossrage4109d ago

I remember the fun times with ps1 and ps2 time crisis games. Not to mention the arcade versions. One more great reason to have a ps3, the guncon. The most accurate light gun invented. The game is great too though lol

Foliage4109d ago

The game is looking good.

blusoops4109d ago

around the 20th of November if I'm not mistaken...hopefully it won't get delayed, I'm for sure picking this up as well! Loved the arcade versions!

BigBadPolo4109d ago

This is one game I wish we were getting on the 360 for sure. I always had a ton of fun playing this in the arcades. This will rock on a nice big screen T.V.! An online co-op would be fun for sure!

I hope it turns out to be a quality game for you PS3 owners!

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