Half-Life 2 CSS Sci Fi v2.1 Mod

CSS SCI FI is a single-player mod for Half-Life 2. Using the latest version of SMOD, which is included, the mod puts the player through 27 intense combat missions set in Counter-Strike: Source maps. Each map contains a unique scripted scenario which is enhanced by random scripting so that the game is never the same twice. Players will fight everything from Striders to slave Vortigaunts, plus a range of Combine enemies armed with many new weapons.

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mighty_douche5575d ago

ill be downloading tonight while im in the pub, love my CS:S and half life so this should be great.

props to the developer.

The_Firestarter5575d ago

Last night I was playing this, and it was pretty awesome! Free HL2 mods FTW!