Mass Effect Interview Part 1 (PALGN)

Overall, some would argue that it has been a quiet year in the gaming industry. With all the major consoles released and a lot of the year's biggest games already out or delayed till 2008, you can almost see why. Still, it's been quite a big year for Microsoft, but they have one last hurrah for 2007. Mass Effect from RPG powerhouse Bioware is looking to take out the Xbox 360 on a high this year, and has recently had a chat to Bioware's Community Coordinator Chris Priestly. had quite the yarn, so they have split the interview into two parts. Check out this first part for some in-depth info into the actual game.

Topics include: Priestly's background and history with BioWare, the premise behind Mass Effect, character creation, the main character Shepard, dialogue, combat, tech abilities and 'biotics', morality, and sizes of planets and the game.

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