Games That Every Other Game Should Copy

Games Radar takes a look at the definitive gaming titles that other developers could learn from

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DrFUD4570d ago

I feel dirty after clicking a gamesradar link.
I'm sorry...I won't ever do it again.

AfricanWoolf4569d ago

A fair article but I think this kind of attitude will just lead to an over-saturation of B grade bullshit on the market.


Naughty Dog Head of Technology Leaves After 17 Years at PlayStation's Studio

Naughty Dog Head of Technology Christian Gyrling has left the studio after 17 years, only 4 months after stepping into the role.

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GoodGuy0920d ago

Boy oh boy what indeed is happening with PS Studios. Thank God for Insomniac.

Obscure_Observer20d ago

Boy oh boy what indeed is happening with PS Studios."

Mismanagement, obviously.

Hermen Hulst is ol Jimbo´s sleeping agent ruining everything at Playstation Studios. Now that Connie is gone, he´ll probably get his mistress Angie Smets promoted yet again to fill Connie´s position.

Amid so many layoffs and uncertainty, the working environment at Playstation Studio could have become unbearable for him to continue on. Then, after just 4 months ahead of his new role, he didn´t felt motivated enough to continue on.

Anyway, another major loss at Playstation Studios. Totoki must find Ryan´s replacement ASAP!

darthv7220d ago

Sometimes people just want to leave.

northpaws20d ago


Do you spend most of your day making up stories in your head to help you sleep better at night?

Lightning7720d ago

Can you tone it down for once? Way too much assuming and Hyperbole in your comment.

The shift to LS workforce will indeed have growing pains nobody said it would be easy transition.

Tacoboto20d ago

Bobby Kotick will be available as a replacement to turn those GaaS around

Rimeskeem20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

You should change your name to Chris Van Dusen cause you just create unrealistic drama.

Just so you know, Microsoft laid off more than 10000 employees this year which, according to you, must mean they are just falling apart and having lots of mismanagement. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/0...

I don't now why I even bother showing you this, no chance you are actually going to change your belief system even if there is hard evidence against it.

Mr_cheese19d ago

Clicked this article thinking "I wonder how close to the top of the comments obscurer is"

There he is. In good form as always.

Crows9019d ago

Dude stop spouting nonsense.

Naughty dog has been in trouble since Neil druckman took over. They were always able to deliver with something pretty consistently...Neil isn't talented ...so obviously people will continue to abandon ship. They probably don't like the progressive direction either.

Charlieboy33319d ago

@North Obscure is blessed with an amazing gift. He is able to fabricate amazing scenarios and can literally trick his brain into believing they are the actual real truth

benobee19d ago

Dude you sound like a complete nut case calm down and stop acting like you care what goes on at PlayStation other than to try and make your doom and gloom comments.

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ocelot0719d ago

Ah I knew it. Before I even finished the headline my first thought was. No doubt obscure is one of the first comments spouting bs he pulled out of Phills backside again.

It's not healthy obsessively thinking about Sony and Phill 24/7.

benobee19d ago

This shit is all he ever does and the mods do nothing about it.

shadowT20d ago

So many great Naughty Dog games he was involved!

maniacmayhem20d ago

A lot of folks sure are leaving Sony as of late.

Obscure_Observer20d ago

"A lot of folks sure are leaving Sony as of late."

Yeah... It seems that rumor about devs from first party studios getting unhappy with Playstation´s current GaaS focus is accurate.

Redemption-6420d ago

Your made-up world is so depressing

Christopher20d ago

I know, right? Time to move on to Microsoft's GaaS studios now. Or maybe WB? Or EA? Or Epic? The options are limitless.

Lightning7720d ago

In this case he's actually accurate about the rumor.


I also read that there's "Civil War" going on at Sony with Connie Booths departure due to gaas focus. The shift to LS isn't sitting well with Sony's Studios.

Of course it's a rumor we'll never actually know of course.

InUrFoxHole20d ago

Yeah. Looks like it's sonys turn to suck for a bit. Every company goes through it.

Charlieboy33319d ago

@Lightning Just a simple question....if Connie Booth left because of the GAAS focus, why did Sony then go and cut down on their plans after she left. She's not in the picture anymore so why cut back....if she was the one standing in the way?

They must obviously agree with her views then that they were pushing GAAS a bit too much....not so? As it stands it seems they like they are first going to test the waters instead of jumping in the deep end like they were planning

benobee19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

It seems you're full of shit as usual.

Lightning7719d ago

@Charlie they're not cutting back on their plans nor are they changing course they're delaying the other 6 LS games because they weren't meeting internal expectations.

The first half will release up until March 2026 while the other half are TBD.

Christopher17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

***In this case he's actually accurate about the rumor. ***

I read that whole article and it said nothing other than that developers aren't happy but zero quotes or the like at all. It's mostly just historical references on GaaS plans and the like. Almost like they're creating that news themself and not reporting it.

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Agent7519d ago

They do knock out a lot of the same old these days. Maybe not Microsoft as they rarely release anything.

OptimusDK19d ago

So please count for me what Sony first party released this year you know while we are at it.

ooquis20d ago

Now just fire Niel Cuckman, get Bruce Straley back, and make the real The Last Of Us 2.