The Top 21 Games that Didn't Need Sequels

Sometimes, a bad game gets a follow-up. Other times, the original perfects the formula. Regardless of the reason, all of these games should have stopped at one.

The gaming industry craves sequels more than any other, perhaps to its detriment. Instead of highlighting new IPs, developers stick to tried-and-true franchises that already have a fanbase. For some series like Mario, Halo and Metal Gear, new titles manage to offer up innovations and improvements that trump previous hits. The following 21 games were sequelized for all the wrong reasons.

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MK_Red4107d ago

I have to disagree with them on Turok and Devil May Cry. Turok 2 was uber awesome and way better than the first one. DMC2 was meh but DMC3 was really good and almost as superb as the original.

The_Firestarter4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

...I'm seriously anticipating DMC4! I can't wait. ^__^

BTW, that idea about DLC with Guitar Hero is pretty smart! I like it: download songs to play, rather than buying a "sequel." Genius!

IdontTakeSides4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Turok 2 was great...DMC never really needed another sequel to be honest im not really looking forward to it that much...but most of the games on the list will probably never even have a sequel blah

Shankle4107d ago

Quite a dull article really.

Bubble Buddy4107d ago

I hate how some games are not necessary to have sequels but developers insist on making sequels to get money.

Skerj4107d ago

If they greatly improve upon the gameplay of the original. Two examples that are right on that list are DMC and Metal Gear Ac!d. DMC3 was like the pinnacle of action gaming for me, my only gripe was the music. As far as MGA2 goes, I was a fan of the first one because well they tried something new and I'm a Metal Gear whore, snake's revenge doesn't count!! So for them to fix the problems in the first one and offer us more, I was certainly happy. Does it need a third now? I don't think so but 2 was very well welcome in my camp.

I really wish Capcom had taken Resident Evil outbreak to where I wanted it to go, hell maybe they can now that we have systems that come standard with hard drives. I'm talking real live persistent Racoon City and possibly more with some new elements and tweaks brought from the latest in the RE series.

apoc064107d ago

metal gear ac!d2, syphon filter and devil may cry definitely do not belong on the list.

metal gear ac!d2 was a sequel done properly. unfortunately, many people were turned off by the first metal gear ac!d's gameplay. from the writeup about it, it doesnt seem like he liked the first one either. either you appreciate MGA or not. if you appreciated the first game, the second game was a godsend. [my only problem was the use of color was a bit overthetop]

i agree with you, DMC2 was the bastard stepchild of the series. but without it, capcom would have never smartened up to make dmc3 which was great.

finally... syphon filter. the first was great, a combination of metal gear and tomb raider. i loved the original. its sequels were fine. they caught alot of flack because they were just more of the same. no real additions or changes except to the storyline. BUT... thats precisely why i enjoyed the sequels. if it aint broke, dont fix it. HOWEVER, thats precisely what they tried to do with the horrible ps2 version of the series. =( lets bury that one. the psp version [which was a sequel] was great, so i dont think that syphon filter belongs on this list.

in the case of SF and DMC, it would be like saying that Final Fantasy VIII sucked, so they should have never made FFX or FFXII. if its a viable [meaning: proven to have more than one good game] franchise, they deserve a chance to correct their mistakes.

if its a true cult or hallowed franchise, sometimes its best to leave things alone. this list is missing final fantasy tactics, perfect dark, true crime, black & white, and i expect fable will find its way onto my list next.

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The story is too old to be commented.