Mass Effect Interview Part 4: Massive Value (Screen Play)

From The Age's Screen Play:

One thing always guaranteed when buying a BioWare title is value for money.

For Mass Effect, many players will spend 40 to 60 hours enjoying their first run-through of the game, and there will still be plenty more to see and do with the different characters available and different story paths if you can find time to play again.

Today Screen Play discusses with BioWare's Community Coordinator Chris Priestly topics like Mass Effect replay appeal, the character skill system, side missions and the depth of the game's universe.

You know the drill, click below for the interview...

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Sam Fisher4015d ago

i cant wait this is gonna be 1 hell of game... it is true this is the successer of halo... M$ did the right thing to let go of bungie cuz this took their place Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls i present to u the next Gen Halo, bungie is finished they can retire let the new big boys do thir part

ShiftyLookingCow4015d ago

but Mass Effect is EA property now, I just hope those guys let Bioware do their magic for the next 2 games. As for the game we are all waiting for, MS should soon start advertising like there is no tomorrow.