Ace Combat 6 microtransactions take flight

Namco Bandai is no stranger to micotransactions. If gamers need any proof just look at the list of character outfits in Culdcept Saga and the lengthy amount of optional content for the [email protected] So what extras can Namco Bandai sell for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation? Planes and each one costs 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50).

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ASSASSYN 36o4014d ago

They are skins not planes.

Bonsai12144014d ago

you realize that just makes it worse...

Taker_1294014d ago

GAMERS please do not support these kinds of practices

Bladestar4014d ago

wow... relax people you dont have to buy it... these are skins... as indicaded by ASSASSYN 36o... will not make you plane faster.. or help you cheat online...

people are under the assumtion that these content would be free... but in reality the content wouldnt exist...

These extra content may not be your cup of tea... and you have the right to ignore it... but to some people they like this stuff...

Now, when the PS3 games some content for free.. like this skins, extra level.. and I have to pay on the marketplace for it.. then I have a problem with it.

I rather have the content available and not purchase it than to not have it available and want it.

The way I see gamer pictures, skins, extra content that allows your to customize your car, plane, character, etc... is the same as those people that like buying shirts, and accessories when they go to a theme park... do they need to buy it? Nope...

Personally I'm not a supporter (with my wallet) to gamer picture, and most of the extra content... but I think there is a market and value if done right... companies need to make mistakes and understand what the consumer would pay for and what they would get burn for (Horse Armor anyone)... Soon PS3 gamers will get a taste of that.. when they will need to buy furniture for their @Home.

If you don't like it... don't buy it. Similar to when you got to a fair... lots of crap... but at the end it's up to you if you want to open your wallet and pay for it... no need to form a revolution to stop them from wanting to make some money.

Dreamworker4014d ago

if people like to pay for crap let them have it.