Xbox 360 Arcade Stick creator interviewed - licensing issues ahead?

GamingNexus interviewed Ed Farias, one of the Arcade in a Box owners about their upcoming Arcade Stick product for the Xbox 360 and PC. It's a good read about what goes into each controller but what's really interesting is that the company is working without any contact from Microsoft or Mad Catz (he's using their PCB's as the guts of the stick)

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gogators4102d ago

but it does look really god darn sturdy. Is that thing suppose to sit on your lap?

WafflesID4102d ago

It's actually pretty cheap for what you get. Actual arcade parts are expensive, plus you are paying for the time for one guy to hand build the thing. $149 seems fine to me (I'd actually upgrade to the 8 way/4 way switchable joystick for games like pac-man and frogger, etc).

I'd say it would have to be on a table.

Again this is meant for people who want as close to arcade perfect controls as you can get. If you don't know the difference between arcade controls and a regular joystick/d-pad (even cheaper mass made arcade joystick for the 360) when playing fighting games, then this product is not for you. This is targetted for people who take fighters seriously.

GO ED! w000t.

Now if he somehow magically was able to make this 360 and PS3 compatible at the same time...I'd be ALL over that ...

AkumaUk4102d ago

and what you say is true Waffles..
I too used the guts from a official 360 pad (wired = £20), bought arcade quality parts (joystick and 9 buttons = £38) and then wood, perspex and photo enlarging for the graphics (£20).. Total cost without sundries (glue, solder, wires) = £78 ($160?) And thats without labour! $149 seems pretty reasonable.. I wouldn't sell mine for less than $200, which of course no-one would pay!