Shacknews: The BAFTA Games Awards Have Failed Us

Last year, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, or BAFTA, announced it would from 2006 onward consider video games of equal importance to both film and television. In prior years, BAFTA had hosted fairly minor video game awards of some form, alongside their flagship British Academy Film Awards and British Academy Television Awards. As stated in the auspicious announcement, this would make the British Academy Video Games Awards "the most independent and valued awards in this arena."

It was an encouraging move from one of the most well-known recognizers of the world's art, lending legitimacy to the artistic merits of video games, merits long-deserved by an industry filled with terrifically imaginative world-builders and artisans of the highest degree.

This makes it all the more disappointing that in only their second year of supposed platform parity, the video game awards have become a joke.

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aggh im on fire4015d ago

This was a good post and i completly agree that the Bafta's shouldn't carry on with gaming awards in there current form. There list really is a joke. It was either put together by someone who knows very little about the industry or by the game companies themselves in a bid to sell more units. It really annoys me the way gaming is treated in the media, they really have no idea. I really wish someone in t.v would push the old misguided farts aside and show gaming in a better more informed light. As it stands the Bafta's is just making things worse.