Sierra raffling off exclusive Prototype preview

Sierra dropped GamesRadar a friendly e-mail inviting them to the TimeShift launch party - not out of the ordinary – they get boozed up at industry parties all the time. What was out of the ordinary was a note attached to the invitation stating that Sierra will be raffling off an exclusive look at Prototype's co-op mode...

...Is this a desperate attempt to attract journalists to the TimeShift launch party? Maybe, but GamesRadar supposes that the egalitarian method of distributing exclusives by chance is at least better than giving them to whoever has kissed more ass.

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MK_Red4064d ago

ZOMG Prototype’s co-op mode!!??? Did anyone know about Co-op in Prototype!? God, this game is unstoppable.

Skerj4064d ago

Holy crapping christ!! CO-OP!? Dude prototype is fighting Brutal Legend as my #2 most anticipated game of next year (MGS4 being the first). Oh man, I'm so psyched now I can't wait to find out more. I wonder if it's going to be like crackdown's coop or what.