Too Human: Exclusive preview video and trailer (1UP)

1UP posted two exclusive videos for "Too Human" on October 19: a preview uncovering new information on Silicon Knights' epic RPG, and a look at in-game combat and real-time cutscenes.

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kingfury4102d ago

X36tards getting all excited over a supposed "next gen" PS1 port. LAME!

power of Green 4102d ago

Looks great.

Please take this guy's ability to spam up every 360 thread he can find.

THE VIOLATOR4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )



AngryTypingGuy4102d ago

queenfury, go play your mediocre games while we play our 9's and 10's.

JokesOnYou4102d ago

SK has been beat to death over this game, some justified, some not but at least they are listening, the game is looking very good now, so why are you hatin kingfury=


ParaDise_LosT4102d ago

Always been a fan of SK
they started
Blood Omen(LoK)
Eternal Darkness!!!!one of my most fav games ever
and even MGS1 Remake....
SK = great dev team, Its a shame that TooHuman's Rep(Epic lawsuit,constant delays ect.) hurts them :(
I hope they do TH right so they can finally catch a break...
and start developing

mesh14102d ago

this game will make me sad again i was a wow player 1s a pon a time this game in its finished state will be goty 2008.

Marceles4102d ago

Not if MGS4 has anything to do with it

power of Green 4102d ago

I dissagree with both of you. There could be aleast 10 games that can take GOTY in 2008. I doubt MGS4 will be able to compete with the new IP's with more next-gen gameplay and some of the best graphics ever seen in some of the 2008 lineup but the ideas and gameplay of some of these titles will blow MGS4 out of the water, even some of the multiplatform games.

Marceles4102d ago

eh you know what i mean...too human vs mgs4. If there was an option, MGS4 is the clear winner. But I agree that other games can be better than both, I just TOTALLY disagree about Too Human being GOTY next year...the odds of that are about 1 in 20...maybe 1 in 30.

mesh14102d ago

blood omen was a masterpiece the game was insane the looking down on the character view fitted the game so well the story line was amazing if any 1 has not played blood omen very old game play it.

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The story is too old to be commented.