PSP Component Cable: Review

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since Loot Ninja purchased the Component cable for the SONY PSP Slim. They can now say that its one of, if not THE best purchase they have made for the system.

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taz80804012d ago

All i can say is it is about itme they got these out, I am a bit upset that the older PSP's dont have this functionality. Might force me to upgrade even though mine works just fine!!! grrrrrrrrrr

WilliamRLBaker4012d ago

local best buy had the component cables the same day the slim was released.

crck4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

It would look absolutely horrible.

Edit: But you can blow up everything else besides games to full screen. Its only the games that can't.

I Make Stuff Up4012d ago

I for one use my PSP when away from home together with remote play to watch DVR'd TV. It would be great to be able to connect the PSP to a hotel room TV and "get the big picture". It's not all about games.

taz80804012d ago

Not only for hte games but hte UMD's also, blows up UMDs to DVD quality. Plus sometimes you want to show someone standing by what you are playing and now you can put it up on a big screen. This will also be hot once you get full access to remote play and you buddy doesnt have a PS3 at his house, you can just plug into his TV and play some GTA via remote play! now that is sexy!

MasterChief28294012d ago

wtf? If I want to play something through component like a PSP I'll get my PS1/PS2. >_> It's a handheld system for a reason. Hand-held. Get it?

Though if it does reduce the jaggies, I wouldn't mind getting it o.o (Still waiting on my God of War Demo... *sigh*)

season0074012d ago

So i guess its for in room 2nd smaller TV or monitor where there should not be a console attached to it...If thats the case i would say this serve a purpose(plus its cheap just 20 bucks what you want)

Pain4012d ago

worth the $20 bucks imo, just make sure your TV support Progresive scan or u cant paly games
but most if not all new tv's support it so its good but 2 of my tubes have the 5 plug jacks but crap!
dont do progresive so its games on big tv if i wana play them.

And wow will ur family go banana's when u plug into therr tv and show them picuters from ur camera
that u just took and show them without the need for them to use glasses lol!

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