The Sims Go Mobile

EA Mobile announced two new original games for mobile phones that are based on the popular The Sims franchise. The first lets rolling gamers head to the ten pins with The Sims Bowling as The Sims DJ turns cellphones into turntables capable of spinning their own ringtone mashups.

"Both new games allow players to live vicariously through a Sim that they create, either as a celebrated bowling champ or DJ, regardless of the players' real life talents and possibilities," said Travis Boatman, VP of Worldwide Studios at EA Mobile.

The Sims Bowling lets players customize their own bowler through four gaming modes: Classic, Strike-O-Thon, Spare-O-Thon and Online Derby, which pits four live opponents against one another through their each player's cell network. Players will also be able to adjust for ball speed and power to add a layer of realistic bowling.

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