Joystiq interviews Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi

During TGS, Joystiq had the opportunity to visit the studios of Polyphony Digital and meet with the man behind the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi. They had just finished watching a demo of their video-on-demand GTTV service – which was announced during a Japanese-press only event at TGS the preceding day – and got to poke around their studios before sitting down with the man himself. Joystiq talked about GTTV (of course), the current status for Gran Turismo on PSP, how they reached the elusive 1080p goal, and if their PSP/PS3 connectivity ideas are any better than a rear-view mirror.

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mighty_douche4015d ago

sorry to copy and paste but this is for the lazy ones that dont read the article...
So the game runs at 1080p, 60 frames per second. That's something that, even on PS3, a lot of games haven't been able to accomplish. How much of a development concern was that when you were building it? How much time did it take to get the engine – which looks great running at that resolution – up to snuff?

First of all, Kazunori insists that a racing game runs at 60 frames per second. That's a must have from his point-of-view. And the characteristics of racing, or racing games, is that you're most of the time driving at high speeds. At high speeds, your view points are in the distance. You need detail, even for distant images, and 1080p was the only resolution that he could possibly think of. Both 60fps and 1080p were both must haves for the GT experience to be the GT experience. They've done some experiments on 720p to see if they could find a compromise but the minute they saw it, it was out the door.

seen alot of talk lately about it being upscaled, this^^ has just made me happy!

Jamaicangmr4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

This was a very imformative interview. Even though the whole upscaling thing wasn't a big issue good to know he cleared it up.

This demo is simply amazing many nit pick but I found the demo to be a great improvment over past incarnations. It features greatly improved physics which results in much more realistic handling. The sense of the cars weight,momentum and power through corners are alot more realistic than in past games. Also to implimentation of 2 physics levels makes this more fun and challenging to hardcore sim fans like myself while still accessable to the general fanbase. The A.I. has seen great improvments gone are the constant ramming into your car of the computer controlled cars. Now if you cut them off on a corner they actually brake to avoid hittin you or if you would spin out on a straight the computer controlled cars swerve to avoid you. They jockey around for position amoungst themselves as well. Again just watch a replay and you'll see the way the A.I. drive amoungst themselves you see them goin around corners 2 wide in order to beat each other around the corner. The improved frame rate is also best evident during the in car view which lends perfectly to the sense of speed.

I will not go into the entensive detail about the visuals as we all know the game looks splendid.

All in all am very impressed by this demo, not because of hype but becuase i actually played it an judged it based on it's own merits and on it's improvements. If only we're all able to look past the so called hype an do so ourselves then am sure we'll all be able to appreciate it's many improvments.